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“5 Tips for Surviving Your Freshman Year” by Jennifer Most

“Time flies by.” I always heard the popular saying, but it never seemed true. Sometimes, I feel like time is dreadful; I sit down to write a paper and my brain doesn’t work. I watch the seconds inch by. Other times, in the blink of an eye, it’s already Thursday. How did the week go by so quickly? Thinking more broadly: how am I in college? You mean, I graduated high school? I’m about to enter my 20s? Excuse me, WHAT? Continue reading

“A Blast From The Past!” by Heather Brody

As the year comes to an end, I decided to reach out to past 186 South College editors to see how they have been doing since graduating from UD. Take a look at what they have to say:

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“Here’s to the Group Chat” by Stella Castor

Here’s to the group chat. That magnificent, oh-so-essential part of college life. Here’s to the GroupMe app, which almost all of us seem to universally have. Here’s to the floor group chat, where events are promoted and assistance is requested. Here’s to the floor group chat without the RA, where memes are spammed and arguments are settled. Here’s to that group chat that’s just you and five friends, and here’s to that group chat where you only know two out of a hundred people.

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“Main Street, I Love You!” by Lauryn Magill

Main Street is a part of the University of Delaware that deserves endless recognition.  When I first drove down the long stretch of restaurants and shops, I was in awe.  Coffee, ice cream, cookies, pizza, movies, and more; all within a half-mile radius.  I could envision myself walking along on the sidewalk and stopping to grab a drink before finding a quiet spot to sit and study, relax, or people-watch.

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“The Privilege of Protesting” by Heather Brody

Today, a protest broke out as a group of church members showed up on I Heart UD Day to verbally harass students. They began on the Green, near Gore Hall, where they shouted at female students, telling them to close their legs and that they were whores. Sophomore Liv Rogal saw what was happening, and decided that she would not stand by and let this happen. She called the police, who then escorted the church members to West Delaware Avenue, where they were able to continue standing while holding signs that said “Jesus is Truth,” and promoting hate toward Muslims, the LGBTQ+ community, and others.

Luckily, more students had the same thoughts that Liv did.

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