Main Street is a part of the University of Delaware that deserves endless recognition.  When I first drove down the long stretch of restaurants and shops, I was in awe.  Coffee, ice cream, cookies, pizza, movies, and more; all within a half-mile radius.  I could envision myself walking along on the sidewalk and stopping to grab a drink before finding a quiet spot to sit and study, relax, or people-watch.

When August rolled around and my parents dropped me off, I often found myself walking to Main Street when I was homesick or lonely.  I felt like I could escape campus for a moment to enjoy its hidden treasures like coffee shops and cookie stores.  Any sadness or anxiety disappeared when I had Bubble Tea in my hand, and Insomnia Cookies never failed to put a smile on my face.  When my naive first-semester-freshman self forgot how to pace my meal swipes, Walgreens was always there with a snack ready in hand.

Throughout the first few months I was constantly finding new places, and I was never disappointed.  At my first blog meeting I discovered the unique atmosphere of Brew HaHa!, and I was immediately hooked on its unique caffeinated creations.  I bonded with new friends and floormates at restaurants like Cheeburger, El Diablo, and Starbucks.  My refrigerator was always full thanks to the Natural Foods Co-Op (the best place to go for fresh fruit or a healthy snack disguised as a guilty pleasure).  If I had a big test to study for, there was no better place to go than Panera Bread. And, when my parents came to visit, it was nothing short of a ritual to eat at Santa Fe Mexican Grill for dinner.

I don’t think Delaware students could ask for a better place so close to campus.  Main Street offers a wonderfully overwhelming variety of places, and when I talk to my friends about their favorites it’s almost always different for everybody.  Some of them discovered hidden shops nestled on the sides of buildings, and some of them were pleasantly surprised when they were brave enough to try an entirely new place.  Basically, there’s a spot for everyone.

It certainly won’t be the same over the summer when I can’t roll out of bed and walk to Starbucks for a morning (or afternoon) iced coffee on the weekend.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of what Main Street has to offer, and I hope that any Delaware students (or faculty!) reading this are inspired to do the same.  If you spend an hour of your time exploring more than just the basic restaurants and fast food/drink places, you might be surprised at the wonderful little places you can find!

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