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“Why and How I Decided to Graduate Early” by Lorraine Capenos

Published on: Author: hayleyw

Throughout high school and my first year of college, I always intended to spend four years getting my bachelor’s degree. I had no intention of graduating early; I hadn’t even given it any thought. A couple years later, I find myself approaching my final semester in college, before I graduate a year early with my… Continue reading

Winds in the East

Published on: Author: Chelsey Anne Rodowicz

Writer’s block: we’ve all experienced this frustrating phenomenon, we’ve all spent hours staring at a blank Word Document and a blinking cursor. At least, I assume we all have. If anyone out there in Internet-land has gone an entire lifetime without any sort of writer’s block, make yourself known so I can congratulate you and… Continue reading

This Is the Nostalgic Graduation Post That I Eventually Had to Write

Published on: Author: Chelsey Anne Rodowicz

Welcome folks, and now, it’s time for a word from our sponsors! The following post was reluctantly brought to you by two new benefactors: Graduation Anxiety and Fear for the Future! I love going home. Which is strange, one might point out, considering that fact that I chose a university 5-6 hours from my family… Continue reading