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“Love Yourself” by Shrinidhi Dandibhotla

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Hi, my name is Shrinidhi, and I’m a freshman here at UD. As we all know, this year has been a lot more chaotic and unpredictable than any of us would have ever imagined. Regardless of whether it’s someone’s first year or last at UD, this semester has been a learning experience for everyone, and… Continue reading

“Popular to Vote” by Chris Hope

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Another semester and a new academic year at the UD Honors College! While Fall 2020 means another round of homework, midterms, and finals, it also means one more thing: the general election. Back in spring I was able to watch debates and Super Tuesday results in Redding’s main lounge, and though I’m not able to… Continue reading

A Healthy Mindset during Social Distancing by Lorraine Capenos

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I’m sure no one planned to experience a global pandemic during their college experience, and I’m no exception. Especially since it’s my last semester here at UD, social distancing has really thrown a wrench in my senior plans, and sometimes maintaining a positive and healthy mindset can be challenging. It can be easy to sink… Continue reading

“The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Existence” by Erin Jackson

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Keeping in touch with people when they’re not in the same room as me has never been my strong suit. As a senior, I was already worried about maintaining long-distance relationships with the people who have been walking distance from me for the past four years. Now that our time together has come to a… Continue reading