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“Side Notes: Spoon Hunt and High Stakes” by Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: schiff

A few weeks ago, my entire floor section in Redding got involved in a game called “Spoons” (known in other settings as “Assassins”). The rules of the game were as follows: every player received a target whom they had to get out by tapping them with a spoon and getting video evidence of the act.… Continue reading

“Artes Vita: Setting the Stage” by Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: Amanda

I don’t remember the first TED Talk I ever watched, mostly because I was fascinated with my dad’s fascination during my first ever TED Talk. Instead of looking at the screen, I would notice how his eyes would go wide at every interesting point made, every audience reaction. Each time the presenter mentioned something profound,… Continue reading

“What It’s Actually Like Living in a Sorority House” by Lorraine Capenos

Published on: Author: schiff

Hi, my name is Lorraine Capenos and I live in a sorority house here on campus. And it’s surprisingly pretty normal. Before I joined a sorority, I definitely had an idea in my head of what sorority girls were like. Movies and TV shows usually depict sorority houses as party venues or homes to intense,… Continue reading