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“Political Art & Me: A Love Story” by Stella Castor

There’s a popular feminist saying that “the personal is political.” In context, this phrase means that individual problems are oft caused by larger, systemic issues – that it is impossible to separate our personal lives from the larger politics of society.

One of the most personal things, in my opinion, is art – it is a deeply important mirror that can reflect our desires, our fears, and how we view the world as individuals. Art has also been closely tied to politics – from the great Renaissance artists being commissioned by powerful families, to the McCarthy era blacklists, society has always seen art as not only a medium for expression, but also as a method to develop and express political opinion.

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“Unboxing a Home” by Kelly Myers

I always thought that when you got older, you were supposed to gain a greater consciousness of your own being and greater stability in what is slowly becoming more your own life. Whenever anything got complicated, whether I got a poor grade on a test in eighth grade or I had lost one of my favorite dolls in Kindergarten, I calmly believed that things would only continue to get easier as I learned more and grew older. I now realize that I would only come to learn what “the more I know, the less I know” means.

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“Hamilton: An American Musical” by Jennifer Most

This past summer, I went to go see Hamilton on Broadway in New York City. This musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and his relationship with the other founding fathers through a series of musical numbers and rap battles. Lin Manuel-Miranda read Hamilton’s biography and turned it into one of the most popular and loved Broadway shows today. In 2 hours and 55 minutes, the actors and actresses put on a beautiful, moving performance that tells the interesting and strangely dramatic history of America.

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“Here’s What You Missed Over Winter Session” by Stella Castor

Here’s what y’all missed over Winter Session.

I had a 12:00PM class every day, and that class lasted until 1:45PM every day. Conveniently, however, the first 15 minutes of each class contained no learning, because the old bell tower in Memorial insisted on chiming on and on (even going so far, one day, as to play Christmas songs one after another). In this same class, I was entertained by an exam for the first time ever – grad students get bored just like us, and I suppose writing Archer characters into the exam made writing it just a bit more tolerable.

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“It’s Anything But Treble” by Jennifer Most

Imagine having something in your life that makes you feel larger and more powerful than yourself. It scientifically boosts happiness, confidence, and discipline. It allows students to form everlasting friendships and memories. While it increases standardized test scores, it is also a fun way to meet new people, feel unstoppable, and have a good time.

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