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Honors students in action in and around our campus community

“Composting on UD’s Webb Farm” by Erin Jackson

Published on: Author: hayleyw

NEWARK, Delaware – A fifteen-minute walk from University of Delaware’s main campus transports students from the crowded sidewalks overflowing with construction to an oasis of peace, quietude, and UDairy ice cream on the university’s 350-acre outdoor classroom—the farm. This agricultural and environmental sanctuary just across the bridge on South College Avenue delivers an initially shocking… Continue reading

“Five Things to Do around Campus” by Hayley Whiting

Published on: Author: hayleyw

This past fall was the first semester I started commuting from home instead of living on campus. While it does offer its own benefits, commuting has the potential to make you feel less connected to campus. So in addition to staying on campus after classes for my job; to attend club meetings; and to study… Continue reading

“Rewards for Participation” by Chris Hope

Published on: Author: hayleyw

Tear-off flyers and pamphlets. You see them all the time walking around campus: in Trabant, in the Little Bob, even in some classrooms. Most pass by these sheets of paper without a second glance, or even an initial one. “Take this survey,” they say, or “Come to South Campus and sit around for a bit… Continue reading

“A Trip to the Big Apple” by Lauren Wrightstone

Published on: Author: hayleyw

My friends in Redding and I had been wanting to take a trip to the “Big Apple,” or New York City, for a while now. It was originally just timing and money holding us back—buses are expensive!—so when we found out that the English Language Institute was sponsoring a bus ride there and back for… Continue reading