Graduate Classes: A Brief Insight


This semester, I am in the unique position of taking a graduate class as an undergraduate.  Not only does this class count as an Honors class, but it is also giving me a great look into the future degree program that I hope to be accepted to.  I am sure that there are some of […] read more

Tokens of remembrance from a memorable night.

Life’s Many Moments

This past weekend I traveled to New York City with my family to see Aladdin on Broadway. The show was absolutely spectacular and the amount of money and work that was put into the production was astonishing. There were gorgeous costumes, and the way they portrayed the scenes from the movie like the Cave of […] read more

Erin's favorite Pumpkin Swirl Brownies, courtesy of Betty Crocker!

Enhancing Your Fall Caloric Intake

I have a serious confession to make. I am one of those extremely annoying, latte-sipping, oversized-sweater-wearing, noncreative geniuses who absolutely loves fall. I like leaves. I like temperate weather. I like scarves. I like pretending that leggings are pants. I like being able to wear layers in an attempt to hide my pale and significantly […] read more

Da Vinci himself couldn't have done better

The Last Supper

This October marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy barreling up and pounding the East Coast. It was one of the most destructive storms in history and it greatly impacted my freshman year. Originally, the storm was poised to hit Delaware straight on. The University urged students to go home and cancelled classes for the […] read more

Go ahead and tell me that this DOESN'T look incredible!

Brace Yourselves: Fall is Coming

One of the often forgotten benefits of living in the Northeast is that we have the pleasure of experiencing all four of the seasons.  While we take for granted that spring becomes summer, which becomes fall, which becomes winter, there are many Americans who do not know what this feels like.  Ask anybody from the […] read more

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