Is Some Internet Better Than No Internet?


As an American, I enjoy many rights. When you think about these rights, you probably jump straight to those mentioned in the Constitution, or the famous rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” in the Declaration of Independence. But in the twenty-first century, do people have the right to Internet access? Facebook’s Mark […] read more

The Law of Averages

The first time I remember receiving a genuine compliment, I was five years old. My neighbor told me I was really good at braiding hair (which I had been practicing for weeks on the heads of unsuspecting Barbie dolls). My neighbor was in no way related to me or otherwise obligated to bolster my kindergarten […] read more

March Madness

The Madness of March

Simply put, March is a weird month. It is not really winter, and while technically spring, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. The end of it is spring break, but it’s a few stressful weeks before getting there. While I could surely do without all of the crazy weather and midterms, I would not be […] read more

Let’s Play Some Dominoes – Part 2

“Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.” ~Edwin Hubbel Chapin Toward the end of last semester, I wrote about my experience volunteering with my service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, at The Friendship House’s Saturday Morning Sanctuary. This experience really made me think about community service and why it is […] read more


Why You Should Embrace The Madness

With winter slowly giving way to the approaching spring, arguably the greatest period in sports has finally come upon us. I am of course referring to March Madness, the colloquial term for the NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament. The tournament is a series of 64 single-elimination games played between the best college teams in the […] read more

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