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“Here’s to the Group Chat” by Stella Castor

Here’s to the group chat. That magnificent, oh-so-essential part of college life. Here’s to the GroupMe app, which almost all of us seem to universally have. Here’s to the floor group chat, where events are promoted and assistance is requested. Here’s to the floor group chat without the RA, where memes are spammed and arguments are settled. Here’s to that group chat that’s just you and five friends, and here’s to that group chat where you only know two out of a hundred people.

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“Loving the Classics” by Alyssa Schiff

During high school I took four years of Latin, and then I assumed my love for ancient Rome would die a painless death and that would be the end of it. I assumed fairly incorrectly, as this semester I took up the classes HIST341 (Ancient Rome) and LATN102 (Latin 2). Though Latin 2 was more of a review for the four years, it reinvigorated my passion for Latin, and Ancient Rome supplied a newly found love for classical history. After planning my schedule for next semester I realized that there were only so many classes that I could realistically take that were outside of my major, minor, and concentration. This became an ongoing struggle for me and I made several schedules trying to map how I could sneak in a mythology class among the other required classes I need. Continue reading

“Before you criticize a person, walk a mile in their boot” by Erin Jackson

Have you ever wanted to wear something new but you were too afraid of what people would think of you? Or have you ever gone out in your pajamas somewhere and gotten judgmental looks from people more dressed up than you are? I know I can’t be the only one who has freaked out about what to wear when attending a certain event. Obviously it would be the absolute end of the world to arrive over- or underdressed for something. Or would it?

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“Main Street, I Love You!” by Lauryn Magill

Main Street is a part of the University of Delaware that deserves endless recognition.  When I first drove down the long stretch of restaurants and shops, I was in awe.  Coffee, ice cream, cookies, pizza, movies, and more; all within a half-mile radius.  I could envision myself walking along on the sidewalk and stopping to grab a drink before finding a quiet spot to sit and study, relax, or people-watch.

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“Caesura” by Amanda Langell

On Wednesday, May 3, the English Department hosted the official launch of UD’s literary magazine, Caesura. Memorial Hall, normally bustling with students heading to class, was transformed into an elegant reception area with High Top tables, catering, and classy floral arrangements. After working on the magazine fall, winter, and spring semesters of this year, I was beyond excited to see the final product and celebrate creative writing with my fellow editors, writers, and the UD faculty. Everyone attending the launch crowded into MEM127 and waited patiently for not only the unveiling of Caesura, but also for Pat Valdata’s poetry reading and the readings of the award-winning pieces. Continue reading

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