What You Need to Know for this Summer’s World Cup

June 12th-July13th: Experience the world's game at its greatest splendor.

I cannot wait for summer. Yes, I know that pretty much every other human being shares this feeling, but let me elaborate.  This particular summer excites me even more so than usual because the world will unite for an epic event that only occurs once every four years.  Of course I’m talking about the FIFA […] read more


Silly Walks

I briefly considered writing a deep, soul-searching post about my impending graduation, but then I thought, “Nah.” All I will say about the matter is: I picked up my cap and gown a few days ago, and I can’t really process that fact. The cap and gown are still wrapped up in fancy plastic, delegated […] read more


A Gentleman’s Guide to a Jaunt in New York

Those faithful readers who have been with me since I started writing for 186 over a year ago (ah! old! no!) know that, as tradition has dictated for the past three years, I take a trip into New York with my mom the Wednesday morning of my spring break. Tradition did not fail me this […] read more

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Marching Into the Past

The bus stops, our heads glued to the windows to see what awaits us at our first destination. We see snowflakes starting to fall from the clear sky. Immediately the concerns heighten. “I don’t have snow boots on!” “I don’t even have socks on!” “My coat is in my suitcase!” “I’m going to freeze!” We […] read more

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Imperfection, Madness, and Alternative Spring Break

Before you being reading this blog post, please take note of the following: I am a UDAB site leader. This organization means a great deal to me. So if you are sick of hearing about the productive/worldly/influential things that people did over break while you were at home watching Netflix or drinking in Florida, I […] read more

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