Reflection on Summer 2014

Is there a better place for rest and relaxation than the beach?

I can hardly believe that we are halfway through August; to me it seems like just yesterday I was packing my car and leaving Newark. And now, I only have two days left until I return to my home at the University of Delaware I don’t know about you, but my summer (well, at least […] read more

My co-counselors, campers, and I sitting in a circle during our weekly song session.

How to be an Amazing Camp Counselor

There is nothing more difficult, yet rewarding, than working with kids. For the past three summers I have been a camp counselor at Camp JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Rockville, Maryland, and I have learned a lot about children through my experiences there. Here is some advice for anyone interested in becoming a camp counselor: […] read more

Ocean City, New Jersey. For some it's just a beach, but for me, it's THE beach.

Hooray for OCNJ!

My family and I have certain time-honored traditions when it comes to summer.  We always go to a ball game, the house always gets cleaned, and we always plan a vacation to the beach.  And as many of you know, in order to have the perfect beach vacation, you need to pick the right beach.  […] read more

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.02.26 PM

The Greatest People in the World

A few weeks ago I celebrated the Fourth of July, much like the majority of individuals who inhabit this large landmass we know as the U S of A. I take it back. Celebrated might not be the greatest word. Contemplated might be a bit more accurate. I’ve spent the majority of the summer in […] read more

Some members of the Class of 2018 gather for a group shot with their Orientation Leader!

Memories of NSO

For the University of Delaware, summer means its time for a new freshmen class to populate campus, a campus they’ll be able to call their own for the first time. It is time for New Student Orientation, popularly known as, “NSO.”     NSO is a day that is as nerve-wracking as it is exhilarating, […] read more

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