How to Play Quidditch

Their sport may come from a fictional book series, but these Quidditch players aren't messing around.

Imagine a sport involving seven positions, six hoops, and five balls all in one game. That sounds crazy, right? Well, it does exist, and it is called Quidditch.   PAUSE. Did I really just say Quidditch? Indeed, I did. You may have heard of Quidditch from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. In her books, […] read more

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How To: Live in close quarters with another human being

There is no course on “being a successful roommate”.  To be even the most average roommate requires a great deal of frustrating and embarrassing trial and error. My roommate was a rise-and-commence-death-stare type of person. I liked to get up early and run. She loved Luke Bryan and I preferred Kanye. Her hometown was approximately […] read more

Can you tell which one is Rebecca? (Hint: she's on the far left)

The Value of Family

College is a time for learning. From our first day on campus to our last, we are learning an exorbitant amount. Some of this knowledge is learned in a classroom, but the large majority of the lessons that we learn in college happen outside of it. We start by learning the basics: where buildings are, […] read more

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A Break from the Traditional Break

This past spring break, I decided to veer away from the sunny beaches of Florida and apply for a UDaB trip, which is UD’s alternative break program for those who are unfamiliar with the infamous acronym. Originally, when I applied for UDaB, I envisioned going halfway across the country to New Orleans, or even traveling […] read more

Now yoUDecide!

All Your Dreams CAN Come True

There are not many things that will make me want to get up at 5AM. Getting to go to Disney World? Duh. Watching the Royal Wedding live? Of course. Having to work University of Delaware Decision Days? Without a doubt, yes! The past two weekends I had the very fortunate opportunity to showcase my love […] read more

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