Slut-Shaming Celebrities


I have never been much of a Taylor Swift fan. This was partially because I was never a big fan of country music in general. Another reason was that her songs tended to have a clear theme: relationships. Swift has been criticized throughout her career as a country artist for dating tons of guys and […] read more

Homer didn't listen to Scott's suggestions, and look at how much fun he's having.  Don't be like Homer: heed Scott's advice!

Eat, Sleep, Drink, and Other Tips to Stay Healthy

Recently, America has been obsessed with news about Ebola, the West African virus that has taken close to 5,000 lives this year.  Several American healthcare workers have contracted the virus, and much of the nation’s focus is on preventing its spread.  However, in all seriousness, the chance of a major Ebola outbreak in the United […] read more

Reuniting with some of the freshman floor!

We’re Halfway There!

I can’t believe how quickly college is going. It seems like just yesterday that I was unloading my car outside of Russell B and strategically choosing which side of the z-shaped room to pick. I can still remember my first day of college when my entire floor went outside to play awkward ice-breakers on the […] read more

Naturally, Rebecca's favorite website.

The Joys of Registration

I love many things: my family, UDairy ice cream (especially All-Nighter), good romance novels and America to name a few. Another thing that is high on my list of loves is course registration. Yes, I am a huge fan of the magical weeks when courses are published and classes are chosen. There are four reasons […] read more

The young, the wild, and the apathetic

When I was a freshman in college, I did something remarkable. I voted. It was 2012, a ground breaking year in American politics. It was the year of the lingering Republican primary, the year of billion dollar fundraising, the year of Clint Eastwood talking to a chair, the year of Twitter, the year of not-quite-recovered […] read more

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