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“Turning Back the Clock on Tech” by Felicia Seybold

Being a college student in the age of Canvas modules, 11:59 pm deadlines, and digital coursework means we must live our lives on the computer. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. A certain amount of our time each day must be spent staring at a screen, even though the overwhelming advice is to lessen our daily screen time. To add to that, the allure of the phone screen is too strong. I always find myself hopping from my laptop to my phone to my iPad to my phone to my laptop to my phone to my… ok you get it. We all tend to do that. It’s so hard to pull ourselves away from super entertaining apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. I also don’t believe these kinds of apps should be vilified either. They provide us with incredible content, connect us with our friends no matter the distance, and give us a wealth of free information. And yet, a healthy balance remains difficult to achieve.

When I find myself in one of these technology binges for too long, the days blur together and I lose touch with the real world around me. The only thing I have found that relieves the cycle is spending time doing something a little more analog than digital. Recently, I have found a new thing to soothe that disconnected feeling I have on the computer all day. I’ve been rediscovering a nostalgic low-tech device from my childhood.

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“Get Outside! The Wonders of White Clay” by Erin Jackson

My dream job has probably always been to be a photographer for National Geographic someday. That being said, I just biked into White Clay between classes one day and snapped this picture on my phone because, why not? There is an explorer inside of everyone – a piece of them that’s waiting around to see the world the way they want to. I’m here to say, don’t wait. Hop on your bike or just your own two legs, and find your future adventure today. Continue reading

Meet the Editors: Anne Grae Martin

This summer I took a dive into something I hadn’t done in a while: cheese making. A turophile (cheese lover) myself, I was anxious to get back to cheese making. Growing up, my dad always made mozzarella and cheddar. I liked the mozzarella better because it was immediate (cheddar has to be aged at least 6 months AKA too long for little me). But recently I’ve been seeing Ricotta Crostini on Instagram and Pinterest and I’ve been anxious to try it. It turns out making ricotta is almost as easy as mozzarella!

To make ricotta, you get a gallon of whole milk, mix in citric acid & salt, heat it to 195°, stir it until the curds and whey separate, ladle out the curds, and drain them in a cheese cloth. Considering how delicious the homemade ricotta was, it was a very simple process. It really is amazing to see how just a gallon of milk can transform so much. It’s such a weird process and it’s honestly a miracle cheese was ever invented. Legend has it that ancient merchants stored milk in animal stomachs while they traversed across the desert. The mixture of the rennet and the heat curdled the milk and made delicious cheese!

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Here’s to Never Growing Up

In my lifetime, I have been to such places as Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York City, London, and Paris.  However, the top destination for me will always be the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  That’s right; I’m talking about Walt Disney World!  While I do enjoy the beach getaways every now and then, Disney is really the only vacation for my family.  You could say we are just a tad bit obsessed. Personally, this past vacation was my tenth trip, but some members of my family have been over 15 times! As you can probably infer, when the Tattersalls go to Disney, they go hard. This time was no exception.

From matching tanks to character breakfasts, from speed-walking to our favorite rides at the park’s opening, to dancing through EPCOT’s World Showcase at the end of “Illuminations” at night, it was as if this was our first time in Disney World. But, it wasn’t our first rodeo and we certainly were able to fit in our favorite rides (each one multiple times, too) and hit some of the best restaurants in the parks. We even stayed in the Magic Kingdom for almost 16 hours straight! I personally was second in line for Space Mountain when the ride opened that morning (Yet I had to let everyone ahead of me as I waited for my slowpoke family members to catch up with me). And while we were in the parks for just about four days, we definitely made the most of those four days to make this one of the most memorable Disney vacations.

Hannah and her sisters in front of Cinderella's Castle in their matching tanks!

Hannah and her sisters in front of Cinderella’s Castle in their matching tanks!

One of the reasons I love Disney is that for the days you are there, you honestly have no other worries in the world besides what FastPass you should get next or what’s the easiest way to get from MGM Studios to anyplace the monorail stops just so you can hear, “Please stand clear of the doors… Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas.”

Another reason is that no matter how old you are, you always feel like a kid again when you’re in Disney.  Ask anyone who has been and they will tell you that once you walk down Main Street USA and lay eyes on Cinderella’s Castle with the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of it, you are instantly transported back to your childhood sitting on your couch watching Disney movies with your sisters.  Or when you are in line for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, you still get just the slightest bit of nervousness each time you see one of the “super stretch” limos speeding off to the Aerosmith Concert. Or when you’re watching Wishes at the end of the night and hear Jiminy Cricket’s voice singing “When You Wish Upon A Star”, you definitely tear up (as my family and I did) just thinking about a memory from your past.

Ending the night in the Magic Kingdom the right way!

Ending the night in the Magic Kingdom the right way!

And then just as quickly as the trip goes, you are thrust back into reality with dreams of returning to Disney World in the very near future, which is the stage I am in right now.  With hilarious new memories and remembering the old one, I look forward to the next time my family and I return to the “Happiest Place of Earth.” But until we do, I don’t mind starting to get ready to return to (in my opinion) the Second Happiest Place on Earth in a few weeks: UD!

~Hannah Tattersall



How-to: Create the Perfect Summer Bucket List


No matter where you are or what you’re doing this summer (unless you’re traveling the world), you’re probably going to need something to keep yourself active and not bored. Because let’s face it, even though we beg for summer we get slightly bored come mid-July. Maybe you have a full-time job this summer or you’ll be babysitting those brats next door again. Regardless, you deserve to make some time for yourself to do something fun. Here are some suggestions for your perfect 2013 summer bucket list.

1.       Visit a new place. You may be taking a family vacation this summer or planning a road trip with a friend. Whatever it is, go somewhere you’ve never been before and take in the sights. I hope to make it to Yosemite this summer while I’m in California and I’ve never even been to a national park! I wouldn’t suggest road tripping just to go to a different beach though. Do something radically different. You’ll be glad you did.

2.       Pick up a new hobby. This could include a wide range of things. If you took my advice on doing an activity with your mom, maybe that could be your new hobby. You could even find a lot of joy in analyzing clouds all day (who doesn’t?) or giving swim lessons to your little cousin. Whatever it is, allow yourself some free time to enjoy.

3.       Be a kid again. You used to make forts, catch lightening bugs, swim in the lake, have water balloon fights and camp in the backyard. Who says you can’t do that now just because you’re in college? This summer, free yourself from your adult inhibitions and play hide-and-seek outside until dark. Just remember, if the streetlights come on, it’s time to go inside.

4.       Document everything. Instead of a 30-day picture challenge, try to do a 90-day picture challenge. If you take a picture a day of something really memorable each day, you won’t be quick to forget what you did this summer. If you do absolutely nothing fun all summer (which I doubt would ever be the case), then of course there isn’t much to document. However, these are the memories you won’t want to forget, so have something to show for them!

Above all, don’t waste a minute. Before you know it, you’ll be working 40 hours a week and won’t have a summer break (unless you’re a teacher). This is my last “free” summer and I plan to live it to the fullest…even though I am still working 40 hours a week.

Good luck with finals and have a fantastic summer! Tell us what your big plans are for the next few months.

~Chelsey Rodowicz


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