You’ll find Honors students in a variety of disciplines across all colleges at the University of Delaware.  Honors courses are rigorous and allow students more in-depth study of their subject areas.  Honors is more than academics – our students live together in their first year, which sets the foundation for a strong community though their college careers. Our students are engaged in all areas of campus life and through Honors they can take advantage of enrichment opportunities in the form of guest lectures, research opportunities, and excursions regionally and abroad.  To learn more about the Honors College, visit our admissions page

  News & Events

UD junior interns with Delaware Forest Service to track invasive insects

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UD engineering students travel abroad to understand the complexities of solving international challenges

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Medical and molecular sciences majors thrilled by international experiences

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Strengthening Connections between UD students and leaders

President’s Student Advisory Council created to explore important topics

Caroline Bowers ’24 studied species of skate in the Delaware Bay to determine diet

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Jenna Tomasch ’25 works on athletic apparel design as a Summer Scholar

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