As the year comes to an end, I decided to reach out to past 186 South College editors to see how they have been doing since graduating from UD. Take a look at what they have to say:

What are you up to now?

Ashley Bostwick:
I am actually still at UD working toward my Master’s in Communication. Aside from taking classes, I’m teaching public speaking (which I never thought I’d be doing in a million years) but it’s been surprisingly fun and rewarding! This summer I am moving to Philly to work for a digital media agency called Small Talk Media, so I’m excited for a change of pace!

Victoria Snare: Okay, right now I am teaching 6th grade English Language Arts at a middle school in Brooklyn with Teach for America (It is even harder than I thought it would be, but it’s worth it).

Hannah Tattersall: I am currently living the dream in NYC working at NBCUniversal. I work in as a Research Analyst for both USA and Syfy networks doing market research.

Have you continued to write/blog after college? If so, how have you been able to manage this along with your other responsibilities?

Ashley: I have not kept up with blogging ? But that’s what I’ll be doing in my internship! I’ll be blogging and posting on social media for various restaurants in the Philly area, so I’m looking forward to blogging/writing again!

Victoria: I have continued to write and blog after college! Even though it takes time, it is something that ultimately makes me more productive, because with so much that I’m processing through right now (moving out on my own, being in New York, adjusting to life as a teacher) blogging gives me space to process through that, organize my thoughts, and ground myself so I can tackle my responsibilities more effectively.

Hannah: Unfortunately, most of my writing these days is for work, but I do get to write a lot, which is nice. I do miss the freewheeling nature of blogging though. Since my life has changed so much in the last year, I have started keeping a journal as a kind of memento for these changing years of post-grad, while also acting as a way for me to somewhat keep up with writing for myself.

What is your favorite memory from your time at UD?

Ashley: Some of my favorite memories from my time at UD are honestly just sitting in my Russell dorm room with my floormates laughing hysterically about who knows what. I feel like there was always some sort of shenanigan happening there, and being able to live with my best friends (including Hannah!) all on one floor was super fun.

Victoria: It is impossible for me to pick a single favorite UD memory!

Hannah: There are WAY too many memories of UD! My co-workers are sick of me talking about Delaware – I have YouDee and Delaware stickers and flags all over my cubicle at work. I’m going to cheat a little and say that my favorite memory is my time studying abroad. There’s no way I would feel as confident and comfortable here in NYC if I hadn’t studied in Italy. Besides the studying, the people I met on my trip and the experiences we shared are unforgettable. It also helped me bond with other people at work, including my boss, who had also traveled to Italy. But there are so many more memories for me at UD – I just love it so much!

If you could, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself as an undergrad at UD?

Ashley: One piece of advice I’d give myself as an undergrad would be to not sweat the small stuff. Even though it may seem like the end of the world in the moment after bombing an exam or misplacing your dorm keys, everything will blow over and things will be fine.

Victoria: If I could give advice to myself as a UD undergrad, I would have told myself to chill out and stop trying to do everything perfectly. There is a much larger margin for error than we realize and a lot more room to make mistakes, so I would have told myself to just live in the moment more and not worry that I should be doing something else.

Hannah: I felt like I spent a lot of my undergrad worrying about where I was going to end up and rushing to get through the days so I could finally know what I would be doing when I graduated. While this feeling did push me to always do my best and act as a go-getter, I wish I could tell myself it’s all going to be okay in the end. It was good to worry a little bit, but in hindsight I realized I also didn’t need to feel guilty for wanting to have fun with my friends every now and then.

What is your favorite UDairy flavor?

Ashley: My current favorite Dairy flavor is Fig-Goat-a ‘Bout It! – strange but very good!

Victoria: My favorite ice cream flavor is the one with the chunks of Apple Cider Doughnuts they get from Milburn Orchards. 🙂

Hannah: Besides whatever was on the Honors Program porch, my favorite UDairy flavor is Delaware River Mud Pie.


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