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“Note-Taking 101” by Ryan Dean

I can hardly ever remember taking notes in high school. Besides a few select AP courses, notes simply weren’t critical to my academic success. I imagine the same is true for many of my fellow honors freshman, who have managed to perform well without developing this important skill. But circumstances change, and we now find ourselves in a demanding intellectual environment. It’s time to adapt, and that means becoming effective note-takers.

Perhaps you are of the opinion that this subject doesn’t warrant much discussion, much less an entire blog post. After all, note-taking is just copying what a teacher says, right? Unfortunately, there is a lot more nuance to this topic than there may seem. While you can still thrive by transcribing everything you see on a chalkboard, you are wasting time and effort by failing to adopt more efficient practices. So I implore you to read on, and consider implementing the following techniques into your regular note-taking. Continue reading

Having a Job While in College by Audrey Ostroski

This semester, I got a job for the first time in college and I absolutely love it. I have had many jobs before, just not during the semester at UD. I didn’t think I would like to work while I was also taking classes – I thought it would be too much to handle and that my already-high stress level would just blow through the roof. But I needed a job for the summer and my Mom encouraged me to offer to start working on weekends during the spring so that I could get some experience before summer begins. And, for more than one reason, she was right to push me.

I work at a restaurant on the canal in Lewes, Delaware called the Wheel House, and it is about an hour and a half away from UD’s main campus in Newark (that’s why I only work on the weekends and not during the week). The restaurant is huge and has a lot of outdoor seating with a beautiful view of the sunset. It has great food, a great atmosphere, and great staff, and I thoroughly enjoy working there.

I have never worked at a restaurant before so I was very nervous about starting. I was also nervous about meeting this huge group of new people. I am not usually very good at that. But surprisingly, I made friends quickly and everyone there is very nice and helpful. Right now, I am just bussing tables, but I hope to be a server eventually. I am very good at what I do and that is a great feeling.

That is just one of the reasons why I would encourage everyone to get a job while in college. A lot of people I know don’t want to have to juggle a work schedule and a class schedule. They just have to work so they can earn money, but there are so many other benefits to working. Even if you don’t get a job related to your major, it can still be beneficial. If you are just working at a movie theater or at a coffee shop or serving in a restaurant, you can learn life skills that will come in handy down the road. These include dealing with difficult people or just a good work ethic. If you work hard and put a lot of effort in, you will be good at your job. And if you are good at your job, you will feel accomplished, which is very important. Sometimes, college can be rough – you take hard classes that you aren’t necessarily good at, no matter how much you study, and it’s just frustrating and demoralizing. Trust me.  Having a job that you are good at can help you regain some positivity and confidence in yourself. It can make you feel appreciated and fulfilled.

A job also gives you a distraction from school. It is a different kind of distraction than Netflix or parties. It is a constructive distraction. It allows you to take your mind off of stressful school work or other stressful events in your life and completely immerse yourself into something you enjoy and something that makes you feel good, all while earning money. I have a long drive to work where I get to listen to music and just be by myself. It allows me to recharge after classes all week and before my shift begins. I work long shifts since I only work a few days a week and it gives me plenty of time to unwind from a long week of school. I get to have fun and joke around with my coworkers, as well as be outside. This is very helpful to me, being outside with fresh air and nature has a healing effect for me. My job also forces me to be very active since I have to run around a large restaurant carrying heavy bus tubs, balancing plates and glasses, and running up and down stairs. This is a nice refresher after sitting through lectures all week.

Overall, my restaurant experience has been amazing so far. I actually look forward to my weekends and don’t mind leaving campus to work. At this point in my life, it was just what I needed and I am very grateful for it.

“A Little Love for the Library” by Erin Jackson

Though we have all been to the Hugh Morris Library at some point by now, the building holds a different meaning for all of its attendees. For some people it is the only place they can get work done; for others it’s the ultimate destination for group projects; some people go there as a social event; and still others use it as a way to escape the noise of an active college community. For a while, I had no idea where I fit in among these classifications of library-goers. It started out as a necessary destination whenever I needed to print something before I invested in a printer of my own. Then, after my first semester of freshman year when my laptop somehow got blacklisted from the UD internet for reasons unknown to this day, I again was forced to the library to either rent a laptop or spend time there on their desktops, knowing that some day I’d again have a functional laptop and could have more control over my study location.

It was not for a while that I began attending the library out of choice instead of necessity. I would occasionally go to the reading room between classes, or wander around the third floor until I found a rare empty seat, afraid to cough or breathe too loudly and disrupt the population already there. Even then, I felt a little lost, not having a spot of my own, a routine location I could count on. I still didn’t fit into any of my pre-determined library stereotypes, but I kept trying. Continue reading

Advice for Incoming Freshmen by Jenna Whiting

The temperature is reaching into the 80s, group projects and 10-page research papers are being dumped upon us, and finals are looming ever closer. My freshman year in the Honors Program at the University of Delaware is coming to a close. I feel like the first day of New Student Orientation was both yesterday (the year went so fast) and four years ago (it feels like I packed four years worth of classes/activities/clubs/events). into one year. To honor my first year of college reaching its completion – below is a list of some advice to the freshmen who will be arriving on campus next semester. (The pieces of advice with *** in front of them apply only to students who will be living on campus).

  1. At UD, it’s a running joke that it rains every Tuesday. Two things you will be very thankful for when precipitation starts gushing from the clouds one day a week are rain boots and an umbrella. Pro tip: get a pair of boots that double as rain and snow boots to save money. L.L. Bean has good sturdy ones that can tread through water in both its liquid and solid forms.
  1. ***If you can afford it and if it is feasible – live on campus. It enables you to make lots of friends, walk to exams or activities that take place in the evening, have somewhere to go throughout the day if you don’t have classes back-to-back, get involved in residence leadership opportunities and dorm events, and just have a bigger connection to the campus and its happenings in general. That’s not to say that you can’t have a rewarding experience if you don’t live on campus; of course, everyone can enjoy the UD experience in different ways! Continue reading

Coffee Shops of UD by Jenna Newman

I find my happiness in coffee shops. I love to study there, to read there, to meet people there, to people-watch there, to drink coffee there, to eat unhealthy pastries there. Everything about coffee shops and their atmosphere draws me in. Since coming to UD I have had such a fun time exploring all the various coffee shops in the area and below I compiled a list of my favorites and why they’re so great.

(1) BrewHaha: This is one of my personal favorites. BrewHaha is the perfect place to go if you’re meeting other people and you want a pretty central location with a decent amount of seating. If it’s a nice day outside they have a full patio that you can sit out on. There’s always enough noise that you never feel as though everyone is listening to your conversation. They have a good variety of food choices, too! I personally recommend either their soup of the day or one of their bagel sandwiches, but really everything is good! For drinks, my go-to is the Iced Coconut Dream!

(2) Brewed Awakenings: If you want something less crowded and more home-like, Brewed Awakenings is the place to go! They have AMAZING bagels and you can even get day-old bagels for $1 to bring home. They have board games on their bookshelves and all the staff is super friendly. The place is relatively small though, but if you get a table it’s easy to camp out there for hours. They are also a non-profit that gives out free drinks and food to many of the less fortunate in Newark (sorry college students, this doesn’t mean you)! My go-to drink here is the London Fog. Continue reading

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