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“My Research Experience” by Brittany Connely

Published on: Author: schiff

Research. Honestly, the thought of it is simultaneously exciting and intimidating. Everyone tells you to get involved as soon as possible, especially when you’re on the path towards medical and graduate school.  But how do you even get involved? When I was a freshman in the honors program this was my main question. It was… Continue reading

“Sleep: An Unrecognized Treasure” by Ryan Dean

Published on: Author: Amanda

There are certain practices that are familiar to all college students; chief among them being the “all-nighter.” In our hectic lives, sleep is often the first resource abandoned in favor of studying or hanging with friends. This is a real shame, because sleep is far more significant to an individual’s well-being than most people realize.… Continue reading

In the [research] Trenches 12.4.12

Published on: Author: Kelli Lynn Shermeyer

As the semester finishes up we get an update from Alexandra Bayles and Matthew Sinnott on their senior theses. Alexandra Bayles: “Morphological Responsiveness of Anisotropic Partially Crystalline Emulsion Colloids” The thing that I find most exciting about the research I’m doing for my thesis is that the work has relevant, practical implications outside of the… Continue reading