Meet the 186 South College Team!

A Little about Our Editors…

Alyssa Schiff ’20

Alyssa is a senior from New Jersey and currently an Environmental Studies and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies double major with a minor in Global Studies. She is very interested in environmental justice and social justice, and is currently trying to survive the grad school process.  Apart from the blog, Alyssa is also an EnvironMentor, the treasurer for the RSO Strong Like a Girl, treasurer for Eta Sigma Phi, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega and Epsilon Eta. When she isn’t complaining about how tired she is, she’s probably watching RIP Vine compilations or taking Buzzfeed quizzes. You can typically find her working at the Writing Center or falling asleep in the basement of Perkins.

Hayley Whiting ’21

Hayley is a junior Honors student from Newark, Delaware with a double major in English Education and French. She aspires to become a high school English teacher, has been lucky enough to study abroad in Paris for one semester, and hopes to go back to France to teach English! On campus, she works as a writing tutor in the Writing Center and is a member of Secondary Educators of Tomorrow. She also loves spending time with her twin sister, Jenna; watching films; playing the piano; reading; and snuggling with her cat.

A Little about Our Writers…

Erin Jackson ’20

Erin is proud to be a local Delawarean majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences with minors in Wildlife Conservation and Biology. On campus, she is also involved in undergraduate research, tutoring, UDaB, Alpha Zeta (the co-ed professional Ag Frat!), and Ag Ambassadors. She is super passionate about the Honors Program – so much so that she decided to stay in Redding for a second year as a Munson Fellow! She is really into running, biking, hiking, and spending time outside, but probably just as passionate about staying in bed, listening to music, jamming on her ukulele, watching Netflix, and reading.

Lorraine Capenos ’20

Lorraine is an Environmental Studies student graduating a year early with Honors. She is passionate about nature, self-development, spirituality, and experiencing everything life has to offer. She is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and a DENIN Ambassador on campus. She loves to spend her free time practicing yoga and meditation, cooking delicious vegan meals, reading, and watching YouTube.


Carlos Benito ’22

Carlos is a sophomore Biological Sciences major within the Honors Program at the University of Delaware. He has a broad range of interests, from entrepreneurship to ecology, and plans to apply to medical school following his four years at UD.  He spends time pursuing his entrepreneurial goals as a Delaware Innovation Fellow and pursues his musical passions by playing trumpet in the 8-bit orchestra. He enjoys spending time with his sister, a junior at UD, and is lucky to be surrounded by such passionate and caring classmates, friends, and family. 

Brittany Connely ’22

Brittany is an Honors sophomore from Olympia, Washington. She is a pre- med student majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Public Health. Her goal is to not only become a doctor and help others but also to travel all around the world and explore. When she’s not stressing out over her classes, Brittany can be found helping out in the community, hanging out with her Tri Delta sisters, and dancing around her room to her favorite songs. Brittany loves her three-year-old cat Meow Meow, her favorite music group Stray Kids, and iced coffee from Dunkin’ (which she has on the daily). She is excited about experiencing and learning about many new things throughout the rest of her time in Delaware.

Jenny Gloyd ’22

Jenny is a Biochemistry major from Columbia, Maryland. She loves chemistry and all things medicine. If she’s not talking about the cool new thing in science, she can be overheard singing in practice rooms or at a USingers Rehearsal, as music is one of her passions. When she finds time, she enjoys painting and watching shows, like Brooklyn 99 and Grey’s Anatomy. She is excited to be a part of the community and show school spirit!  

Nicole Pinera ’22

Nicole is a sophomore Biology and Psychology double major from Dover, Delaware. In addition to writing for 186 South College, she’s involved with Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service (HENS), Project Sunshine, and the Community Council for her residence hall. In her free time, she can probably be found taking naps, watching movies, or going to the gym.

Abhigna Rao ’22

Whether it was just scribbles in her Dora the Explorer composition notebook or carnation-pink crayon sonnets spread across the walls of her New Jersey home, Abhigna was always told that she wrote before she walked. Today, she is a proud UD Neuroscience Pre-Med major who wants to go on to earn an MD-PhD in her field. When she’s not rushing across campus in high heels to make it to class on time while still looking great, or sleeping straight through her 27 morning alarms (sorry, roomies!), Abhigna can be found planning out her week down to the minute with her three extremely aesthetic planners, obsessively Febrezing her residence hall lounge, or belting out a classic T-Swift number in the comfort of her dorm. She is so stoked to be a part of the 186 South College team and cannot wait for what this year has in store!

Chris Hope ’23

Chris (left) is a freshman from Philly majoring in Linguistics and looking into doubling with Three Languages (Italian, German, and TBD). He hopes to get into translation and wants to study abroad here at UD. Chris is involved with multiple RSOs, such as Il Circolo Italiano and the Misfits, and he co-hosts a show on WVUD’s “the Basement.” He can usually be found watching half-hour-long videos analyzing movies he’s never seen, acting like he’s doing work in the 2D Lounge, or playing guitar in his room (though if you can’t find him, just play some Panic! at the Disco or Lorde, and he’ll find you).

Lauren Mottel ’23

Lauren Mottel is a freshman Biomedical Engineering major from Hockessin, DE. She has a wide breadth of interests, such as astronomy, film, poetry, photography, traveling, and mythology. On campus, Lauren is involved in several RSOs, like the Society of Women Engineers, Club Swimming, and Assistive Medical Technologies. During her time at UD, she hopes to study abroad and to pursue each avenue of her interests to the best of her ability. Some of Lauren’s favorite things include the MCU, iced coffee, ramen, Game of Thrones, and movie awards season. You’ll often spot her at the pool, in her room watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or in line at Einstein Bagels at the ISE Lab.

John Salsini-Tobias ’23

John Salsini-Tobias is a Newark local majoring in Biological Sciences, and is thinking about adding an English major. He intends to pursue a career in medicine, but journalism is also of great interest to him. When not in class, he enjoys spending his free time on campus making use of the dining halls and making mega-beds out of Redding lounge furniture. Outside of school, John loves to travel, hike, play guitar, and read. He is excited for a fun year with 186 South College and his first year at UD!

Lauren Wrightstone ’23

Lauren Wrightstone is a freshman Communications major from West Grove, Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with her friends. She loves her dog (Finn!) and misses spending time with him. Her favorite musician is Hozier. She’s looking forward to contributing something special to the Honors Blog!

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