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 Amanda Langell ’19 (Editor and Writer)Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.01.31 AM

Amanda Langell is a double major in English and History from Staten Island, New York. She is a member of the Writing Fellows Program and is also a fiction editor for campus literary magazine, Caesura. When she is not in the middle of reading five books at once, Amanda is seeing plays at the REP and cheering on UD at any sports events she can attend. Her obsessions include watching foreign soccer, writing romance novels, and dancing embarrassingly in her room to music that is probably too loud. If she happens to disappear from campus, she is probably at Disney World, where she visits at least twice a year. One day, she hopes to have a best-selling novel and live in Europe.

Alyssa Schiff ’20 (Editor and Writer) unnamed

Alyssa is from New Jersey and currently an Environmental Studies major with minors in Global Studies and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. She is very interested in environmental justice and social justice, and may be interested in going into law. She has been swimming for 6 years, scuba diving for 4 years, and loves being in the water. She indulges in Netflix’s best romantic comedies and Buzzfeed’s Unsolved series. Apart from the blog, Alyssa is also involved in the Environmentor Program with the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment and the treasurer for the RSO Strong Like a Girl.

A Little About Our Writers…

Avery Beer ’19 unnamed

Avery Beer is an enthusiastic Communication Interest major and Entrepreneurial Studies minor with passions for writing, story-telling, and all things food-related. Avery is an active member of PRSSA-UD and the UD Yoga Club, Alpha Xi Delta, and is also an Oral Communication Fellow in the UD Writing Center. When she is not taking selfies with her cats, breaking out her wicked dance moves, or drinking iced coffee, she is most likely writing for her blog:

Carly Patent ’20

Carly is a sophomore English Education major and Disabilities Studies minor from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Here at UD, she is involved in Alpha Phi Omega and is a member of the Club Tennis team. In her free time, she loves to cook and bake, run, skateboard, hang out with her friends, binge watch reality TV shows, and spend time at her beach house! She is so happy to be a Blue Hen and cannot wait to see where this year takes her!

unnamedJenna Newman ’20 (Writer & Social Media Manager)

Jenna is a Communications Interest and International Relations double-major with a minor in Disability Studies. She is from Lawrenceville, NJ. On campus Jenna is on the PRSSA-UD executive board, Social Coordinator for the Baptist Student Ministry, and an Assistant Director at HenMUN VI. She is most looking forward to studying abroad again while at UD, after going to London last Winter session. When she isn’t at a club or doing homework, Jenna enjoys blogging on her personal blog-, reading, and planning her next adventure abroad!

unnamedBen Aghajanian ’20

Ben is pursuing a double major in Environmental Engineering and Energy Sustainability. He is from Concord, Massachusetts. Ben has a dog named Lila whom he loves unconditionally, and he plays most sports, but especially likes to play soccer. Ben also rows for UD. In his free time, Ben likes to read war books (i.e.The Things They Carried or The Valley).

Shannon Murphy ’20 (Writer & Social Media Manager)

Shannon Murphy is an Honors sophmore who hails from chilly upstate New York. She plans to major in English, and pursue minors in Political Science and Classical Studies. Around campus, she is a reporter for the Review, editor for the Main Street Journal, and a member of the Student Literacy Council. If you’re looking for her, you have a very good chance of finding Shannon in a local bookstore or coffeeshop, procrastinating with a caffeinated beverage in hand, daydreaming about future travels to Iceland. When she manages to pull herself away from homework, Shannon loves attending indie rock concerts, spending inordinate amounts of time on Instagram, and reading Donna Tartt novels.

Stella Castor ’20

Stella Castor is a Psychology major, with plans for another major or three in the future. She’s a Delaware native, with a brief stint of living in Massachusetts before migrating back south to the town of Middletown, which only built a Chipotle after she left for college. She is a member of the Honors Planning Board and the Redding-Gilbert Complex Community Council’s Honors Liaison. Her passion is LGBT activism and advocacy, and she lives in Redding’s LGBTQ+ and Racial Justice LLC. She has over fifteen different board games and has played many of them only once. She occasionally rambles about her life, events, and social justice on Twitter (@stellacastor).

Jennifer Most ’20

Jennifer Most is a sophmore at UD and is from Long Island, New York. She is a Music Education major with a concentration in Piano. Jen plays violin in the UD Symphony Orchestra, is a member of Photography Club, Zumba Club and the Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service Club. In her free time, she enjoys Parks and Recreation and laughing with friends. UDairy is her guilty pleasure! She is very excited to write for the Honors Blog and loves being a Blue Hen!

Erin Jackson ’20

Erin Jackson is proud to be a local Delawarean majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences with minors in Wildlife Conservation and Biology. On campus, she is also involved in undergraduate research, tutoring, Student Alumni Ambassadors, Alpha Zeta (the co-ed professional Ag Frat!), and Ag Ambassadors. She is super passionate about the Honors Program – so much so that she decided to stay in Redding for a second year as a Munson Fellow! She is really into running, biking, hiking, and spending time outside, but probably just as passionate about staying in bed, listening to music, jamming on her ukulele, watching Netflix, and reading.

Emily Fudge ’20

Emily is a sophomore Elementary and Middle School English Education major from Bay Shore, New York. She is passionate about education and hopes to spread her love of learning to future generations. Emily is a self confessed band geek, likes to throw impromptu dance parties, enjoys baking, cooking, and falling down a dark hole of watching Tasty videos. She is very partial to ice cream and will get some with you if asked (please). You can catch her working Perkins Live, sweating it out at Zumba club, and playing in the pit orchestras of UD’s theatre RSOs. She loves UD for its beautiful campus and all of the opportunities it provides.

Audrey Ostroski ’20

Audrey is a proud Delawarean and has wanted to be a Blue Hen her whole life. She is majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, as well as Spanish. She hopes to travel the world studying and protecting the world’s oceans and its creatures one day. She loves watching movies, taking pictures, and beach combing. She is an EnvironMentor for the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, as well as a chemistry workshop leader, and is involved in several RSOs on campus, including Students for the Environment, Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service, Blue Hen Birding, and SCUBA club.

Sarah Blum ’21

Sarah Blum is a freshman University Studies major from Pennsauken, New Jersey. During her first year on campus, she hopes to get involved in several organizations such as HTAC, Students for the Environment, and P.R.O.U.D. Sarah’s favorite things include her three cats, leggings, iced coffee, and The Office. If you see her around campus, she’s either studying or watching puppy videos on YouTube.

Jenna Whiting ’21

Jenna Whiting is from Newark, Delaware and is currently majoring in Business Management and minoring in English. She hopes to get involved with organizations such as Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service (HENS), the Redding/Gilbert community council, and Swing Club. A few of Jenna’s favorite things are friendship, autumn, petting sleeping cats, the movie Back to the Future, the Harry Potter series, and chocolate. She is extremely excited to be a Blue Hen!

Lorraine Capenos ’21

Lorraine Capenos is an Honors freshman and University Studies major from Howard County, Maryland. She loves animals, especially her three cats, and enjoys connecting with nature. Her other passions include psychology, writing, literature, music, and exploring the world around her. Her biggest weaknesses are YouTube and vegan Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. You can usually find her doing yoga in her room, staying up late doing homework in the Redding lounges, or wandering around with friends.

Hayley Whiting ’21

Hayley is an Honors student from Newark, Delaware, and has always wanted to be a Blue Hen! She is majoring in English Education and minoring in French and aspires to become a high school English teacher. During her next four years on campus, she hopes to study abroad in France and is excited to participate in Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service, Secondary Educators of Tomorrow, and Swing Club. She loves playing the piano, snuggling with her cat, reading, and re-watching Downton Abbey.

Liv Conlon ’21

Liv Conlon is a Neuroscience major from Long Island. Her obsessive and questionable passions range in slam poetry, running, and weird, indie music. Aside from writing for the honor’s blog, Liv is a reporter for The Review, a member of UD’s Undergraduate Research, and a fiery advocate for Pride.

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