“Meet the 186 South College Team!

A Little About Our Editors…

Abhigna Rao ’22

Abhigna is a quirky and vivacious student who hails from the small but noble town of Morris Plains, New Jersey. She is a Senior Interpersonal Communication Major with minors in Neuroscience and Public Health. On campus, she serves as the President for the Resident Student Association and enjoys being and undergraduate research assistant for the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) She is an Honors Ambassador on the side and loves connecting with future UD students and their families during Blue & Golden Open Houses and UD Decision Days. When she’s not off buying WAY too much coffee in the Perkins Scrounge or sleeping through her 27 morning alarms, you may find her studying through three meal periods at CR or fixing a satisfying mug of whipped cream in the comfort of her room (and for her sake, hopefully a little hot chocolate too)!

Lauren Mottel ’23

Lauren Mottel is a Biomedical Engineering major from Hockessin, DE. She has a wide breadth of interests, such as astronomy, film, poetry, photography, traveling, and mythology. On campus, Lauren is involved in several RSOs, like the Society of Women Engineers, Club Swimming, and Assistive Medical Technologies. During her time at UD, she hopes to study abroad and to pursue each avenue of her interests to the best of her ability. Some of Lauren’s favorite things include the MCU, iced coffee, ramen, Game of Thrones, and movie awards season. You’ll often spot her at the pool, in her room watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or in line at Einstein Bagels at the ISE Lab.

A Little About Our Writers…

Brittany Connely ’22

Brittany is a senior honors student from Olympia, Washington majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Public Health and Global Health. Her dream is to work on improving worldwide health while traveling across the globe. When she’s not stressing out over her classes, Brittany can be found volunteering in the community, assisting with research at CHART, and hanging out with her sorority sisters. Brittany loves her two cats back home, Meow Meow and Peaches, iced matcha lattes, and Studio Ghibli movies. She has experienced and learned about many new things while in Delaware and hopes to continue to grow during her final year at UD.

Jenny Gloyd ’22

Jenny is a Biochemistry major from Columbia, Maryland. She loves chemistry and all things medicine. If she’s not talking about the cool new thing in science, she can be overheard singing in practice rooms or at a USingers Rehearsal, as music is one of her passions. When she finds time, she enjoys painting and watching shows, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Grey’s Anatomy. She is excited to be a part of the community and show school spirit!  

Chris Hope ’23

Chris (left) is a junior from Philly double majoring in Linguistics and Three Languages (Italian, German, and Russian). He hopes to get into translation and wants to study abroad. Chris is involved with multiple RSOs, such as Il Circolo Italiano, the Misfits, and WVUD. Some of his favorite things include languages (duh), music (especially Lorde and Mitski), and over-analyzing movies and TV shows.

Lauren Wrightstone ’23

Lauren is an Honors Communications major from West Grove, Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with her friends. She loves her dog (Finn!) and misses spending time with him. Her favorite musician is Hozier. 

Alex Stone ’23

Alex is a junior Biological Sciences major from Woodbine, Maryland. She is minoring in Spanish for Healthcare and has a passion for languages. Being an “English as a Second Language” tutor, a Writing Fellow, a Research Assistant in UD’s SLAM Lab, and attending classes, she does not have much free time! However, if she does have a spare moment, you can find her reading, cooking, or watching the Great British Baking Show—a show that will always make her smile!

Shrinidhi Dandibhotla ’24

Shrinidhi is from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She is majoring in Neuroscience to start, with a possible double major and minor in the future. She recently just joined many campus organizations, including Resident Student Association, the Honors Blog, and the Medical and Molecular Sciences Club. She is a very social person, loves to volunteer in her community, and is super happy to be a Blue Hen!


Nadya Ellerhorst ’24


Nadya is a sophomore from the mystical land of Cincinnati, Ohio, double-majoring in International Relations and Russian Studies with minors in Journalism and Museum Studies. After a year of attending a Mid-Atlantic university from the comfort of her Midwestern home, she is beyond excited to contribute to 186 South College while on campus. Aside from writing for the blog, she is the Managing Arts and Culture Editor for The Review, a Delaware Diplomat, an iBuddy mentor, an Executive Board Member of Russian Club at UD, and an intern at Sister Cities of Wilmington, Delaware. When she’s not attempting to meet her various academic and extracurricular obligations, Nadya enjoys watching films with “Fresh” ratings on Rotten Tomatoes (and those without), getting lost in art museums, and indulging in excessive amounts of bubble tea.

Abigail McGraw ’24

Abigail McGraw is a sophomore Environmental Engineering major. She is from Virginia Beach, VA and has lived in Virginia her entire life. Abigail is a member of E-52, a student theatre group at UD, has a radio show at WVUD, serves as an engineering mentor for first-year students, and is an RA on campus. This is her second year writing for 186 South College and has loved working with her editors and fellow writers.

Lauren Rasmussen ’24

Lauren is pursuing two majors: psychology and human services.  She’s also a Munson Fellow, so you’ll find her wandering around the community in Louis Redding Hall.  She’s got lots to say in a thoughtful, caring way – so definitely check out her posts!


Yamini Vyas ’24

Yamini is a freshman MIS major from Wilmington, Delaware. On campus, she is involved in Women in Business, the Indian Student Association, Active Minds, and the Accounting Students Association. In her free time, she likes to re-watch shows like Friends and New Girl, spend time with her friends and family, and write random excerpts regarding just about anything that comes to mind. If nothing else, an important take-away from this bio is that she has a deep love for all kinds of pastas and noodles.

Raktim Basu ’24

Raktim is from balmy Chester Springs, PA, with a major in the oh-so-longly-named Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Biotech for the sane) and minors in Biochemistry and Global Studies! Raktim is involved in a variety of RSOs, the most notable ones being RSA (Resident Student Association), HENS (Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service), and Galadrim and Critical Failure, UD’s tabletop roleplaying clubs! If he’s not looking at weirdly shaped organic molecules, he’s probably shuffling his Magic deck for the next duel of Commander, sharpening his pencil for the next game of D&D, or taking a nice walk around campus!

Sara Klemow ’25

Sara is an Honors Accounting major from Gaithersburg, Maryland. She hopes to work in the business industry to financially help non-profits and social enterprises. Sara is a member of The Rubber Chickens, an improv comedy group at UD, and she is involved with Hillel, a Jewish organization on campus. In her free time, she likes to play guitar, binge-watch reality shows, and eat a lot of Goldfish! 

Gianna Richason ’25

Gianna is an Honors student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania majoring in Organizational and Community Leadership with a minor in Event Management. She loves being a part of Freshman For the Kids with University of Delaware’s UDance team, Project Sunshine, and Best Buddies. After working at a nonprofit in high school, she fell in love with the “how is this real” moments that come with community service. She hopes to chase those moments for the rest of her life and one day become a lead fundraiser for a nonprofit helping kids. If you’re searching for Gianna around campus, you can find her chatting her friends’ ears off, picnicking on the Green, or ordering too many iced coffees from Dunkin’. She loves ALL things Pittsburgh, country music, and dogs. She’s looking forward to the roller coaster she has ahead at University of Delaware!

Grace Kearns ’25

Grace is a freshman Honors student from Pittsburgh, PA. She is majoring in Media Communication and pursuing minors in Journalism and Spanish. Outside of class, Grace is a member of the MelUDees a Capella group, a Community Engagement Scholar, and is now working with Hens All-Access. She loves baking, watching Gilmore Girls, and picnicking on the Green with her friends.

Felicia Seybold ’23

Felicia is a Junior Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology major from Dover, Delaware. She loves reading and writing as much as she loves macromolecules, so she also has an English minor. As a professional hobby collector, she loves making most forms of arts and crafts, reads copious sci-fi and fantasy novels, and is currently learning how to play guitar. She spends most of her time at the top floor of Willard Hall in hands-on laboratory classes, but can occasionally be found at the Stomping Grounds cafe in Trabant fueling her coffee addiction.

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