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Honors Alumna Alyssa Serra: Bring Clean Water and Better Nutrition to Haitians

Published on: Author: Kelli Lynn Shermeyer

by Katie Galgano Imagine a community where hunger endangers nearly one-quarter of all children, and of those who survive, 42% are permanently impaired. This was the reality of Leogane, Haiti before the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Since then, RSOs have rushed into Leogane to help reconstruct the community, which had 90% of its buildings ruined… Continue reading

Eva Koehler on how her experience at UD brought her to Kigutu, Burundi

Published on: Author: Kelli Lynn Shermeyer

by Jama Allegretto Lynch Originally from Spencer, NY, Eva Koehler attended the University of Delaware as an Honors Program student from 2001-2005, graduating with an Honors Degree in International Relations, with minors in Economics and Music. During her sophomore year she traveled to South Africa via a winter session study abroad program, where she had… Continue reading