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Don’t Stop Believin’

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While the University of Delaware is usually always a joyful place overall, Saturday, April 13th was a particularly Gleeful night.  Why was this so?  200+ members of the UD community, including this overly excited blogger, were treated to a lecture about diversity from actor/dancer Harry Shum, Jr. of Fox’s renowned hit musical dramedy.

The event was put on by a combination of three RSOs on campus: Haven, Hola, and SCPAB.  Held in the Trabant MPRs, hundreds of fans came out to hear Harry Shum talk about diversity and the role it has played in his life.  Shum was born and raised in Costa Rica to Chinese parents before moving to California later in his life to pursue his career in dancing.  He has been featured in many films, two of my favorites being Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up 3D, and is an active dancer and choreographer for The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (The LXD), a premier dance troupe. However, he is most known for his role as Mike Chang for the last four seasons on Glee.

Considering his character on the first season was almost mute, Shum had no problem cracking the jokes and talking for the entire night.  While interlaying the important issue of diversity in popular culture today, Shum mainly focused on telling how he started in dance, his experiences with acting and dancing roles thus far, and the everyday occurrences at Glee.  Fun fact: he started dancing because of a dare to join the dance team at his high school.  It clearly was a smart dare for him to do, considering it eventually led him to dance on tour with Beyoncé before his stunt on Glee.  Besides dancing, Shum is also a gifted actor.  He even did an interpretation of Robin Williams’ famous Good Morning, Vietnam monologue.

However, Shum did provide some wonderful insights on the overall theme of diversity for the night.  He urged the entire audience to create our own stereotypes instead of contributing to preexisting diverse groups.  He believes that the only way to stop the obvious division among people in our society is to be open for new ways of grouping people together.  This idea is what he believes will propel our generation farther in the future than society is today.

After finishing his talk, Shum surprised the audience with an impromptu dance solo to end the night.  Being a dancer myself, I was hoping he would dance at some point during the night, and he did not disappoint!  I do not know about the rest of the audience, but I certainly was in a sense of awe watching him dance.  To top off the night, he even stayed for a meet and greet after, during which he willingly took pictures and signed autographs, and even listened to a girl sing him a song.

Hannah and fellow UDHP student, Alicia, meet Glee’s Harry Shum.

Personally, it was such a successful night that I hope SCPAB, Hola, and Haven can try and do something like this by bringing in a celebrity to UD for a topical lecture more often. Now that we’ve had Harry Shum come to UD, who would you like to see come to UD for a lecture?

~Hannah Tattersall


UDHP photo contest tips

So you want to show off your photography skills (and maybe win a gift card or two), but you just don’t know what to photograph. Never fear, because I’m here to share some ideas. Feel free to use any of these. Just don’t forget to tip me if you win.

Best Honors floor photo: Do a theme. Get a bunch of people who live your floor and take a photograph of you all doing something similar. Perhaps you’re all wearing different Delaware shirts or are dressed up in costumes (superheroes are always good). Maybe you’re acting out playing a sport on the floor. Any of those would make for an entertaining and unique photo.

Best Honors professor photo: If you’ve got a really cool professor, maybe do one of the things recommended above. Get some friends in your class together, talk to your professor, and take a few funny theme pictures of your classmates and your professor.

Messiest dorm room: This one’s easy. Just dump all your clothes, books, and other junk on the floor. Just be sure your roommate is ok with it—and that you don’t mind cleaning it up afterward.

Most beautiful photo of campus: With the weather expected to (mostly) continue to be nice over the course of the next week, get outside and bring your camera with you! Just walk around and look for things that catch your eye. Blooming flowers are always nice.

Best representation of Honors student life: This is similar to the first category. Get together with some friends, and stage something. Dress up in spirited clothes, play a sport, or just hang out and see if there’s an opportunity to take a good picture. Remember, you’re looking for something that shows what the Honors Program is all about, and you’re a member of that program, so it shouldn’t be hard to decide what to photograph.

Well, I hope these ideas helped. Now get out there and take some pictures!

~Matt Bittle

Show off your skills…

…with a camera! We are inviting you, our beloved readers, to enter the first ever 186 South College Photo Contest! Grab your friends, your professor, your neighbors messy dorm room, and snap a couple pics–you could win coveted gift cards to Main Street! (And let’s be honest, what  college student doesn’t love to hear the word “free”?) Our staff photographer Ashley provides some inspiration below:

Most Beautiful Picture of Campus

Picture with an Honors professor

Coolest Dorm Room

Here are all the details!


All the photos in this post have been taken by Ashley Bostwick

Our Favorite Winter Session Study Abroad Pictures from 2013

I spent this past winter session in London studying English and theatre! The London ENGL/THEA study abroad program was a whirlwind of a month across the pond. I saw 11 shows between class and my free time, and visited countless galleries and museums, which are mostly free to the public. Among the many things that I will never forget is the first time I heard Big Ben, the giant bell inside the famous clock tower, chime. I was watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace on a particularly dreary Sunday, a ceremony in which the palace guards on duty are relieved and a new set of guards take their places. While the guard band was taking a short break between songs, I heard a low, rumbling “GONG” coming from the distance. I turned my head and through the fog I saw the clock tower with both of its hands pointing up. Big Ben was striking noon. It is one of the most poignant memories I have of this past winter session.
~Mary Jean, Honors Human Services Major, Class of 2014

Photo by Nikki Gomes, from her trip to Granada Spain

We loved Nikki’s pictures so much we wanted to include another one!
submitted by Nikki Gomes, from her trip to Granada, taken by Nina Raspa

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