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Grades were due, so summer can officially begin, amirite?

Hello 186 South College Readers!

1. It is summer. That means we won’t be posting everyday. HOWEVER, we will have some really exciting content this summer including but not limited to, Behind the Scenes at Honors videos, meet the Honors staff, and check-ins from our bloggers as they embark on internships and summer adventures. Also, be on the lookout for polls, mini contests and opportunities to let us know what you’re up to!

But for now, have a great summer, and I leave you with this gem of a music video:

~Kelli Shermeyer

(UDHP Staff Advisor)

Do Honors students have social lives? (and other questions)

Welcome to our special “Day Before Deposits are Due” edition of Ask Ashley!


The Social Scene

This week I am going to address a subject that I’m sure has crossed everyone’s mind at some point: social life. Yes, Honors students generally hold their studies high on their list of priorities, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have fun, too!

A common misconception about Honors life is that students who live in Honors housing are isolated from the rest of the student body. Since the majority of freshmen live in East Campus, it’s nearly impossible not to meet people outside of the Honors community just by stepping onto the Harrington turf. Living in Russell gives you a smaller community feel within a large school, which is a nice feeling to come home to at the end of the day. Also, it is nice to have students around you who probably have similar study habits and will respect Sunday night cram sessions.

Honors students have just as many social opportunities as non-Honors students do and then some. We can be involved in Greek life or can join as many RSO’s as they please all while having access to exclusive Honors events, as well. We get the best of both worlds: a quiet study area when needed while having access to the same social privileges as every other student at UD. What more could you ask for?

Your Future Plans

When someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, how do you respond? You may have everything in your career future figured out to the tee, or you may not have a clue. Whether you apply to college as a specific major or if you apply undeclared, discovering new interests and passions once you begin your college journey is inevitable.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but you probably will change your major at least once over the course of your college career. With such a wide variety of interesting courses available, something completely obscure may creep up on you and spark your interest without you even realizing it until the course is halfway over. Also, you may be inspired by a particular professor’s work or a study done by another student. No matter how it happens, I promise that someone or something will inspire you, even if this inspiration has absolutely nothing to do with your future plans.

Throughout high school, I was all about conserving the environment and I was very interested in the natural resources that the earth has to offer, so naturally I applied to UD as an Environmental Studies major. Then, one day over the summer, panic set in: although I’d thought that I’d one day save the world with my environmentally friendly attitude, I thought that I’d better change my major to Plant Science so that I could maximize my career options. Fast-forward a couple months, and here I am, a Communication major with Spanish and Art minors. If that’s not a 180-degree turn, I don’t know what is!

Long story short, it’s so easy to change your mind in college and let’s face it – it’s what kids our age do best! So don’t be afraid to have a change of heart once you get here. I already switched my major twice before I was even finished with my first semester! As long as you’re doing what you love, everything else should fall into place.

If you’re unsure about which major to choose coming into UD, comment here and I’ll be glad to give you my advice!

~Ashley Bostwick

Ask Ashley: Colloqui-What!?

When applying to the Honors Program, you were probably looking to challenge yourself with your coursework. At the same time, you’re probably worried that the challenge might be a little too much to handle. Also, you may have been informed about a special required English class and something called a Colloquium. If you’re wondering what the heck that is, I’m happy to explain!

At UD, Honors freshmen are required to complete both an English 110 class and an Honors Colloquium. If you’re anything like me, you might be pretending to understand what that is but you’re actually completely confused. It’s pretty simple: both are writing-intensive classes that are tailored to a pretty narrow subject. Half of the Honors freshmen take English in the fall and half take it in the spring, and it is the same deal with Colloquium. What’s interesting about these classes is that the subject matter varies from anything from philosophy, to healthcare, to utopian and dystopian societies.  Whether you have a passion for graphic novels, food, or Japanese cartoons, there will be a Colloquium or English class that you are sure to thoroughly enjoy.

Another cool thing about these classes is that they are guaranteed to be small in size. The limit for each class is around twenty students, ensuring that you will have a ton of interaction with your professor and the other students in your class. Also, these courses are open to Honors students only, so your classmates will be people who you can easily access for a study session, to ask a question, or just to hang out with. I live in Russell B this year, but I had the opportunity to meet friends who live in Russell D that I never would have met had it not been for our Colloquium.

Contrary to what you may have heard, these classes contain about the same amount of coursework as any other writing-intensive course, so don’t worry about that. While the concept may seem a little foreign at first, English 110 and Colloquium are just like any other class – except with better subject matter, if you ask me!

~Ashley Bostwick


Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friends

As the day you embark on your journey to college gets nearer and nearer, I’m sure you’re anxious and probably a little upset about leaving your friends from high school behind. It is a strange feeling, setting off on such an exciting expedition without your sidekicks. When I was in your shoes, I feared that I’d never be able to form friendships that would come anywhere close to the ones I’d had at home. Also, how is it possible that my future best friends will just so happen to live on the same floor as me?

When you first arrive at school, it will be completely normal to feel overwhelmed due to the massive amount of people introducing themselves to you. Honestly, you probably won’t even remember your next-door-neighbor’s name for a while. Little by little, after countless floor dinners and icebreaker activities, you will find your niche – trust me! In fact, you might not even know that someone you said “hi” to while walking down the hallway on move-in day will become your other half in a matter of weeks.

I know it is hard to believe before you experience it, but the friends that you make on your floor during the first weeks of school truly become family. There is always a person available for you to go to for anything and everything, whether it be homework help, dating advice, or to watch outrageous YouTube videos for hours on end. If you dive into your new life wholeheartedly, I can personally guarantee that you will find friends that will not only fill the void left by your high school friends, but will be there for a lifetime.

For current students who met their best friends in Russell, share your stories!

~Ashley Bostwick

Here’s Ashley (and one of our other bloggers Hannah on the far right!) with her floormates!

“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”

Any questions or concerns? Just ask Ashley!

Hey there! I’m Ashley, a blogger and photographer for this lovely collection of thoughts straight from 186 South College. When I received my acceptance to the University of Delaware Honors Program about a year ago I was excited beyond belief with the exception of one thing – I hadn’t the slightest idea of what being a part of an Honors Program would actually be like.

Would we be completely cut off from the rest of the UD student body? Will everyone have their nose buried in books 24/7? Will there be a crazy amount of extra work? I had no idea. To answer some of the questions that are probably running through your mind, my posts will be aimed primarily at prospective students looking for a little insight about what being a member of the UD Honors community actually entails. Let me tell you, I wish I’d known all along that becoming a part of this amazing group of students would one of the best decisions I’d ever make!

As you can probably already realize from reading previous posts from my peers, the Honors Program is a pretty cool place to be. But all basic information that you can find in pamphlets and info sessions aside, this blog is the place you can come to ask anything and everything about the Honors Program from a real, live student’s perspective.

From now on, I’ll start my posts with a question asked via commenting by one of you high school seniors and do my best to answer it based upon my experience as an Honors student thus far. I hope this helps calm your nerves about beginning the biggest, most action-packed chapter of your life! Keep in touch! Send us a message here if you want more info on the Honors Program.

~Ashley Bostwick


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