From the day we are born until the day we die, the power of human connection is a force stronger than anything. As we grow up, a lot of us forget that it is 100% okay to still need to feel that. Babies cry because they need to be touched, loved, nurtured and attended to. That never really goes away. Just as our basic needs of food, water, air, and shelter stay constant, so does our need for each other. Not only does our psychological survival depend on human connection, but our physical survival as well.

Feeling connected to another person can be so powerful, whether it is through friendship, love, or blood. Picture a yin-yang: we are all balancing each other out but have a little bit of ourselves in the other person. I believe that sometimes, we just meet people that understand our souls. It just works. We are wired to connect. Think about the complexity of interconnection amongst people who can simply be present for each other. Whether it is an outcome of a dyadic interaction or a larger group interaction, human connection is one of the purest forms of brilliance. If we erase the material belongings of life, we would be more than okay as long as we had each other. Somewhere as people get older, our ego gets in the way without us really knowing it, and we sometimes fall into accepting the idea that we can do it all alone. We want to do everything ourselves: we want to feel needed but not do the needing. Life really is not made for that. Life is made for connectedness.

I personally have wondered if, as I get older, the world is becoming more complex or I am just growing up to understand and grasp more. I think it is a mixture of both. What they do not tell you when you’re young is that there will be a lot of things in life that go without being understood, and we just have to accept that. We forget that life is supposed to be lived together, to be appreciated and celebrated with one another. When life gets hard, when we are uncomfortable with being in solitude with our thoughts, when we feel petrified of the future, or sad about the past, we should embrace the idea that loneliness can only exist when we allow it to.

There are 7.6 billion people in the world right now as I write these words, and we are more similar than we think: some of us only different by the smallest morsel of DNA. It is incredible to have individuality & to know that there is no other you; but we should know that we are all in stellar company with that many humans around us to love and always remember that life has a way of bringing us to the people we need exactly when we need them. So, trust the cards. I advise all of you to be there for one another. Instead of resisting, revel in the unchangeable, intricate reality that we are created for connection.

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