Rehoboth Beach – Delaware’s Hidden Treasure

Rehoboth Beach – Delaware’s Hidden Treasure

One Saturday morning in mid-July my family and I packed up our car and (at an unhealthy hour) headed down to Rehoboth Beach along the shore of Delaware. We’d visited this beach when I was younger, but I couldn’t remember any specific details about the trip that stuck out in my mind aside from the boardwalk, so I wasn’t jumping for joy about staying there for another week. However, this vacation certainly changed my apathetic mind for the better.

When we arrived in Rehoboth I knew we were close to the hotel because I remember the complicated pattern of streets that zig-zagged into each other. I also realized that my eight-year-old mind did not retain any of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants or quirky little shops that filled every storefront. Each time I set foot outside in Rehoboth my eyes dart from colorful flags to flowerpots bursting with life to shops displaying a million different knick knacks in their windows. And get this – each shop is completely different. I kid you not, you can find everything in Rehoboth ranging from a caramel popcorn shop, to a bird house maker, to a bookstore that specializes in gay pride.


If you’ve ever been to Rehoboth, you’ll know that the plethora of things to do can be a little overwhelming. Here are some of my favorites:

  •  Grab some lunch. I couldn’t even count how many restaurants are in Rehoboth but I can say that hardly any of them are chains. Some of my favorites include Planet X, an earthy café with plenty of vegetarian options, and Greenman Juice Bar that serves any kind of fresh squeezed juice that you can think of.
  •  Rent a bike and explore the town. Walking around all day can get a bit tiring, so if you really want to do some sightseeing, I recommend renting a bike to get around quickly. Tandem bikes are also a fun alternative.
  •  Get some ice cream. Although there are at least ten ice cream parlors in Rehoboth, The Ice Cream Store, located right on the boardwalk, blows every other shop out of the water. They have over a hundred flavors!
  •  Last but not least: go to the beach! In Rehoboth, beach access is free, so after a long day of shopping, biking, and sightseeing, roll out those towels and take a long nap in the sun.

The best part about Rehoboth Beach is that it’s located just an hour and a half from campus! If you have a free weekend coming up with nothing going on, I highly suggest that you grab a few friends and head to one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen because it is definitely worth it.

~Ashley Bostwick

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