“Here’s To The Good Times”

“Here’s To The Good Times”

Coming into this summer had me pretty anxious and worried. Anxious because I had just had one of the best school years of my life and all of those amazing friends I made live hours away. And worried because nothing was ever going to top my family vacation I took last year to Paris.  However, if at this moment I had to describe my summer so far in just one word, I would have to say it has been rather “musical” to say the least!

Why has it been musical you may ask? While my Netflix queue does have a lot of my favorite musicals, that has nothing to do with it. 

One of the many reasons why I love living in Delaware is its close proximity to Philadelphia, meaning I have the advantage to see many of my favorite artists and bands in concert when they come to town.  So far this summer, I have already seen country singers Luke Bryan with Florida Georgia Line, Glee star Darren Criss, and a little boy band you may know of called One Direction.  I may have been one of the oldest audience members at One Direction, but I am not ashamed; they put on such an enjoyable show and I had an amazing night.  However, my favorite of the three has to be Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. All three shows were fantastic and they made me very excited to find out who will be coming for SCPAB’s fall concert this year!

One Direction concert!

One Direction concert!

My summer was also quite musical due to my summer internship as well.  Thanks to taking advantage of some networking opportunities earlier in the year, this summer I have been interning with the Delmarva Broadcasting Company with their radio station 93.7 WSTW and their morning show “The Wakeup Crew.” While it does require me to wake up at 3:45AM each morning I work, listening to some of my favorite songs the entire day helps make up for it.  Besides listening to the new songs from Macklemore and Justin Timberlake, I do much more, such as helping run the show’s social media pages, recording and editing commercials, and going out to interview our listeners occasionally.  And, as nerve-wracking as it was the fire time, I have been on-air from time to time!  Whatever I have done, it has all been a blast so far and I have enjoyed every second of it! From being forced to hula-hoop in front of the Concord Mall, to interviewing Justin Bieber’s mom, I have learned so much about a field I had little experience in.  While my time as an intern is ending very soon, I will definitely look back on this internship as the beginning of a hopeful career in the media industry.


Although my musical summer has been fantastic thus far, it is going by fairly quickly. But I have to say; I can’t wait to be back on campus for my sophomore year! It will be here before we know it!

~Hannah Tattersall


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