As the day you embark on your journey to college gets nearer and nearer, I’m sure you’re anxious and probably a little upset about leaving your friends from high school behind. It is a strange feeling, setting off on such an exciting expedition without your sidekicks. When I was in your shoes, I feared that I’d never be able to form friendships that would come anywhere close to the ones I’d had at home. Also, how is it possible that my future best friends will just so happen to live on the same floor as me?

When you first arrive at school, it will be completely normal to feel overwhelmed due to the massive amount of people introducing themselves to you. Honestly, you probably won’t even remember your next-door-neighbor’s name for a while. Little by little, after countless floor dinners and icebreaker activities, you will find your niche – trust me! In fact, you might not even know that someone you said “hi” to while walking down the hallway on move-in day will become your other half in a matter of weeks.

I know it is hard to believe before you experience it, but the friends that you make on your floor during the first weeks of school truly become family. There is always a person available for you to go to for anything and everything, whether it be homework help, dating advice, or to watch outrageous YouTube videos for hours on end. If you dive into your new life wholeheartedly, I can personally guarantee that you will find friends that will not only fill the void left by your high school friends, but will be there for a lifetime.

For current students who met their best friends in Russell, share your stories!

~Ashley Bostwick

Here’s Ashley (and one of our other bloggers Hannah on the far right!) with her floormates!

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