“Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Make Your Lives Extraordinary”

“Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Make Your Lives Extraordinary”

What do UDo … to stay involved?

College is a time to experience brand new opportunities.  Besides the academics aspect, there is also the extra-curricular side of the college lifestyle.  In high school, most students are heavily involved in many clubs and activities that they become so familiar with.  However, I have found that when some people get to college, they tend to shy away from staying involved.  This can even be true for Honors Program students, as they get too focused on their heavy class workload. However, staying involved in college is extremely beneficial. We have over 300 RSOs, so there are plenty of different opportunities available for us here at UD for whatever we are interested in!

So, what are some of the different ways you can stay involved on campus? Here are some ways I have found to be popular among Honors students:

1. Student Government – With the ability to be anything from a floor senator for Residence Life to student body president with the Student Government Association and everything in between, Honors kids love to utilize their leadership abilities to help the undergraduate community! Brandon Grabelsky, the building governor for Russell A/B says, “I like that I am able to represent my peers and plan events for them for recreation and service to the community.”

2. Club Sports –From track to crew, a vast number of Honors students like to work hard and play hard. Allie Amatuzzo, a member of the Girls’ Club Volleyball team, says, “Playing a club sport allows me to play the sport I love at a competitive level and meet new people who I have now bonded with and we have become like family.”

UDHP Grad Melissa (’12) shows off the Club Sports board.

3. Greek Life – With a wide variety of social and special interest sororities and fraternities available on campus, many of the students in the Honors Program love to be involved in Greek Life.  A popular choice for Honors students is Phi Sigma Pi, the co-ed honors fraternity.

4. Blue Hen Ambassadors – I may be biased since I am a part of this group, but in my building alone there are more than five BHAs. In my own personal experience, I love being able to show off my love for UD to prospective students and their families, and it makes me love the school even more than I already do!

Clubs and activities open students up to new hobbies and interests, they also open up new friends, while providing a way for students to escape the stresses of schoolwork. So, seize the day and grab some friends to find a club you are interested in! I swear it will be entertaining and you may even find a new interest from it!

What are some of the fun and exciting activities you are involved in? What are some of the reasons why you like to stay involved?

~Hannah Tattersall

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