With the end of winter break and, for many, Winter Session classes, comes the spring semester. The spring semester marks a nice return to campus to see friends again, and even as a break from the break! I’m glad to have had the long break; however, since my winter study abroad was canceled, I had that itch to return to the groove of campus and the classes I enjoy. What’s even more poignant about this spring is the return of the student body altogether. Many of us haven’t experienced a full, in-person spring semester either at all or since spring 2019. My first spring semester was cut short by COVID’s beginnings, and in my second spring, I happened to have a single on-campus class, allowing me to be here last year. Because being on-campus all spring long is new for so many students, here are some ways to really take advantage of the spring semester no matter your year.


For many, especially freshmen, the fall semester marks a time for readjusting to classes and life on campus. Because of this, some don’t get too involved in RSOs their fall semester–but it’s never too late to get started! Spring is a perfect time to start getting involved in clubs if you didn’t get the chance to in fall, and it’s also great for carving a spot out for yourself in those RSOs by looking into chair positions and leadership. Additionally, a spring schedule that looks different from your fall might let you start attending clubs and meetings that you previously weren’t able to! While it’s always great to get involved from the get-go, involvement can start at any time, and you can always decide to take a break when you need one. 

Campus Events

There are many events that happen throughout the semester that are special to spring or haven’t been feasible previously due to precautions. For example, student organizations like E-52 and HTAC each put on two shows per semester, and the cast always gives great performances. If you weren’t able to attend any last semester or weren’t aware, the spring is a great time to go! Additionally, the UD Programming Board organizes great campus events each semester. Last spring, a Senior Fling with various activities was held, culminating in an Aly & AJ concert. A Jon Bellion concert was also held in Fall 2019. There is currently a vote going on for who should perform this semester, with some pretty nice choices (though if I may endorse one, that would be SZA). You can vote for which performer you would like to see through the link in @thecrewud’s Instagram bio. There’s always something going on on-campus–you just have to go looking!

Opportunities and Locales

Spring is also a great time to look into special opportunities for the rest of the calendar year; whether that be study abroad trips or internships, many of their due dates are at some point in spring! On the lighter side, spring (like always) is a nice time to explore areas in the vicinity of campus. White Clay Creek Park is a beautiful place to walk around, and discovering the different food options on Main Street is a must (especially for those not planning on living in on-campus University housing next year)!

There’s always time to start exploring the University and its surroundings. If you weren’t able to in the fall, spring is a great time to begin. Moreover, it will start to get darker much later as the semester goes on, and you likely will have more of a hold on college life by then. This spring, more than ever, try out something new!

Photo Credit: https://www.udel.edu/udphotos/udspring/

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