I have always been a very shy person, so of course I was nervous for my freshman year at UD. I was going to a school in a different state where I didn’t know anyone! Luckily, I had the Honors Program to help me come out of my shell. Here is some advice for the Class of 2018 introverts:

Study in your floor lounge!
If you want to meet people on your floor, but aren’t comfortable enough to knock on their door and strike up a conversation, then you should study in your floor lounge. There will most likely always be another person studying there, so join them! Next thing you know, a new friendship will begin. I did not do this much because I get distracted easily, but I definitely recommend this opportunity for floor bonding!

Go to events planned by your Munson Fellow(s)!
Your Munson Fellow (or fellows if you have more than one like I did) will plan a bunch of events for your floor and for the Honors Program throughout the year. Go to those events! You will have fun and meet a lot of people who share your interests. I remember going on a White Clay Creek hike that was planned by my Munson Fellow and a Munson Fellow from another floor. I had a great time and bonded with people who I am still friends with today!

Join Clubs!
If you don’t find yourself particularly satisfied with the people on your floor, then join clubs that involve your interests! I have made some of my best friends here by joining clubs and forcing myself to talk to people. It really helped me learn to be more outgoing and more of a leader on campus.

So, for all the introverted freshmen out there wondering if they will make friends here at UD, do not worry! You will find your niche on campus, make genuine friendships, and have an amazing time here. I hope you enjoy every minute of your time here because it will go by fast!

~Heather Brody

The trip to White Clay Creek that my Munson Fellow organized last year!

The trip to White Clay Creek that Heather’s Munson Fellow organized last year!

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