“I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship”

“I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship”

Hello Honors Program! My name is Hannah Tattersall and I am a freshman communication interest major from Hockessin, Delaware.  I am so excited to be able to write a blog for the Honors Program every week! For my first post, I thought I’d have some fun introducing myself and have a throwback to all those acrostic poems I used to make as a little girl.  This one is using the letters UDHP for the University of Delaware Honors Program!

U is for an Unhealthy Obsession with TV and Movies
This statement is probably the truest statement you will ever read from me. I have a rigid TV schedule of shows to watch every day and I am constantly checking for the latest news and spoilers on my favorite shows.  Some of my favorites include Psych, Once Upon a Time, Arrested Development, Downton Abbey and Parks and Recreation, which is why I am super excited that Aziz Ansari is coming to UD! I have more DVDs than I can count, many of which are entire TV series and some of my favorite movies like Bridesmaids and You’ve Got Mail. While I do watch a ridiculous amount of TV and movies, I only do so AFTER my homework is completed, don’t worry!

D is for Dance!
I am involved in many different activities and clubs this year, but one that has been a constant in my life is dance.  I have danced since I was a wee, little two-year-old tot.  Currently, I take ballet, tap, jazz and pointe, and I am an assistant teacher at the same dance studio in Wilmington. In addition to dance, I am a Social Media Ambassador for Blue Hen Says (@BlueHenHannahT), a member of STN49 and a Blue Hen Ambassador. Plenty of room for activities for me!

H is for the Letter H!
Part of my personal identity is that I am the youngest of four girls, all of whom have a name beginning with the letter “H”.  As you can imagine, we get called by each others’ names quite often.  In more ways than one, I have found myself following in their footsteps.  All four of us attended the same high school, all four of us have or will graduate from the University of Delaware and all four of us lived in Russell during our freshman year! I am even living on the same floor that my oldest sister lived on, just a few doors down.

P is for Paris!
Last summer, my family and I went to the magnificent, beautiful, amazing and marvelous (insert any other similar adjective that can be applied here) city of Paris, France.  It was a truly amazing time and I fell in love with the city, like most people do.  Travelling to Paris made me realize how much I want to travel when I get older and hopefully I will be able to do that as part of my future career.  I also can’t wait to be able to study abroad during my time here at UD!

Until next time,

P.S. – Whoever can name the movie the title of this post is from will get a special shout-out in my next post! Comment or email me the answer!

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  1. Hi Hannah, this is your fellow blogger Ruby – just wanted to tell you I thought this post was really cute! Great idea. Hope we can meet soon 🙂

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