“Here’s to the Group Chat” by Stella Castor

Here’s to the group chat. That magnificent, oh-so-essential part of college life. Here’s to the GroupMe app, which almost all of us seem to universally have. Here’s to the floor group chat, where events are promoted and assistance… Read More

“Political Art & Me: A Love Story” by Stella Castor

There’s a popular feminist saying that “the personal is political.” In context, this phrase means that individual problems are oft caused by larger, systemic issues – that it is impossible to separate our personal lives from the larger… Read More

“Here’s What You Missed Over Winter Session” by Stella Castor

Here’s what y’all missed over Winter Session. I had a 12:00PM class every day, and that class lasted until 1:45PM every day. Conveniently, however, the first 15 minutes of each class contained no learning, because the old bell… Read More

“What Is Self-Care?” by Stella Castor

What is self-care? If we check Wikipedia, the ultimate hub of college knowledge, self-care is defined as “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.” That’s a lot of fancy words for “actions done by… Read More

“Trans Students in Solidarity” by Stella Castor

“FREE SPEECH DOES NOT MEAN HATE SPEECH!” Cries of anguish, community, frustration, and most importantly love echoed across the North Green last Wednesday, October 26th, as a group of students and faculty gathered to advocate for the rights… Read More

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