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“‘Major’ Changes” by Annie Lee

I’ve never really known what I wanted to do in the future. As a child, I answered “teacher” to the infamous question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but only because it was the only job I could think of. As a middle-schooler, my answer varied from person to person, vacillating between some hems and haws in an attempt to feign certainty, as if a person just diving into the double-digit years could know exactly what they wanted out of their one and only life. As a senior in high-school, when the answer would finally matter and actually legitimize itself on official college applications, my mind echoed with the resoundingly hopeless answer of “I don’t know.”

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“It’s not always ok—but that’s ok” by Annie Lee

Half of the world is telling you to get the new iOS update (said with firework effect), but the other half is saying it’s the worst update since the creation of the iPhone. Social media is telling you that these on-campus clown pictures are fake, but your paranoia knows that there’s a squeaky-shoed, red-nosed maniac lurking around the corner. Your friends are telling you how much they hate the song “Closer” because they hear it “literally everywhere,” but then they somehow end up screaming the lyrics when it comes on. What are you supposed to believe?

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