Swing into the School Year by Joining a Club by Jenna Whiting

Swing into the School Year by Joining a Club by Jenna Whiting

“What’s your advice for my first year of college?” I repeated this sentence at every graduation party, friend run-in, and summer gathering before freshman year. Anxious to reap guidance from those more experienced in university life, I sidled up to anyone who even slightly looked like they were in college, or, if all else failed, to any adults in the room who probably went to college at some point in their lives. One of the most popular suggestions among the many pearls of wisdom that were graced upon me was the never-forgotten, “Join as many clubs as you can. You’ll make friends, become involved, and build your resumé.” Joining clubs became a reiterated theme when I arrived at college, too; RAs, Munson Fellows, and fellow students alike all recommended joining activities. I took this tip very seriously and proceeded with a fervent desire not to miss out on any club opportunity, so that by the end of the Registered Student Organization fair during 1743 Days, I had given my e-mail address to upwards of twenty organizations and sauntered out with a drawstring bag full of candy and pamphlets. Mind you, I only actually joined about a quarter of those clubs, but I wanted to explore all of my options.

Those shiny pearls of wisdom hold truth. I am only a callow freshman one month into my whole college career, but to incoming freshmen, or to anyone who is clubless, I emphatically, enthusiastically, and wholeheartedly declare: explore and join clubs that interest you. Why am I so passionately advocating assimilation into college life by club, you ask? Well, the answer is three words: UD Swing Club.

Coming into college, I was skeptical I would find an activity that really, truly speaks to me and that is fun while also being educational and challenging. But I need not have worried, because after the first Friday Swing Club lesson and social dance, I was excited for the second one. After the second Friday, I couldn’t wait for the third one. After my first Sunday morning workshop, I was completely hooked. And after my first Tuesday night workshop, I couldn’t imagine getting through the week without the knowledge that I would soon have swing dancing to rejuvenate me. If I hadn’t taken the opportunity to join as many clubs as I could, I would have never found the community that is UD Swing. I would have never met the people whom I have, challenged myself like I have, and had as much fun as I have. So I implore you, attend the activities fair during the first week of school. Scroll through UD’s RSOs on Student Central. Ask your friends for club recommendations. And eventually, hopefully, you will find a club that will make you as happy as UD Swing makes me.

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