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“Trying Something New” by Ben Aghajanian

“The finish line is right there boys and I’m on their coxen! We’re taking a power ten! Catch… Set! One!”

If you had asked me a month ago what the chances were that I’d row in college, I would’ve laughed and answered no way. Before coming here, I didn’t even know rowing existed outside of the Olympics.

“Catch… Set! Two!”

Now I’m on the water every afternoon, and in a few days, I’ll race in my first regatta.

“Catch… Set! Three! C’mon boys! Do your job!”

There’s something obsessive about the teamwork, grit, and passion that goes into the sport. Once you get the boat moving, you never want to stop.

“Catch… Set! Four!”

But I didn’t join rowing because of the quality of the sport.

“Catch… Set! Five!”

One of the timeworn statements about college is that it’s an opportunity to start over. This doesn’t necessarily entail a total revision of your life; it can mean just a simple change in habit.

“Get those oars in together!”

For my entire life leading up to college, I was a fervent soccer player. However, I didn’t make the soccer squad here at UD, so I chose to row. I could’ve taken a break from competitive sports, but I didn’t. Why?

“Catch… Set! Six!”

I wanted a change in pace. When you go to college, the culture is different from that of your hometown. Sometimes you need to spread your wings to locate where you belong.

“Catch… Set! Seven! Five Seconds!”

You may have done a particular sport or activity with all your friends throughout grade school. This doesn’t mean, though, that your future friends only exist in those categories.

“Catch… Set! Eight! Don’t let them walk on you!”

I remember what my club soccer coach and mentor told me before I left: “Don’t get discouraged in the first month, semester, or even year of college. Everything will shake out.”

“Catch… Set! Nine! ALL YOU HAVE!”

I took a risk joining crew, but in a matter of weeks, I became part of a club that doubles as a family.

*Air horn sounds*

So why should you try something new?


Because after leaving home, everybody is missing something.


And in order to fill that empty space, you have to adapt.


I switched sports. What are you going to do?

“And drop.”

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  1. What a wonderful writing style! You even had my heartbeat up 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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