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“Refreshing Your Work Space for School at Home” by Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: schiff

Over the past few weeks, the word “homeschool” has taken on an entirely new meaning for all of us. And one of the most common complaints that I have heard from friends, colleagues, residents, and everyone in between is dealing with the lack of motivation to do work and decreasing productivity with each passing day. … Continue reading

“Learning to Inspire Positive Change” by Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: schiff

On Sunday, March 1, 2020, I attended the highly anticipated Changemakers Conference on campus. A changemaker is defined as someone who has a desire to change something about the world and uses imagination, empathy, and collaboration in the right ways to create that change.  This is the first year that a concept of a conference… Continue reading

“Side Notes: Spoon Hunt and High Stakes” by Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: schiff

A few weeks ago, my entire floor section in Redding got involved in a game called “Spoons” (known in other settings as “Assassins”). The rules of the game were as follows: every player received a target whom they had to get out by tapping them with a spoon and getting video evidence of the act.… Continue reading

“Side Notes: So What’s the Tea on Coffee?” By Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: schiff

Back to school means back to the grind – in more ways than one! As the sun rises on a brand new semester, the annual return to campus comes with its own renaissance of caffeine-craving young adults withstanding long, arduous queues every morning for their fixes of various brews and blends.  Although it may seem… Continue reading

“Artes Vita: Setting the Stage” by Abhigna Rao

Published on: Author: Amanda

I don’t remember the first TED Talk I ever watched, mostly because I was fascinated with my dad’s fascination during my first ever TED Talk. Instead of looking at the screen, I would notice how his eyes would go wide at every interesting point made, every audience reaction. Each time the presenter mentioned something profound,… Continue reading