Home Is Whenever I’m With Brew

In September of my freshman year at the University of Delaware, I received my first package. I was ecstatic when I got the email specifying times for package pickup, at the time an oddly lonely and somewhat out… Read More

Make your Halloween Slave-Free

Have you ever heard the term “fair trade?” The UD International Justice Mission (IJM) club explained what fair trade products are at their Fair Trade Friday last week: “If a product is “fair trade certified,” it means that… Read More

What the Kids are up to Today (Social Media)

Our generation has been called, among other titles, “the social media generation.” It’s hard to dispute this label, because most of us spent a good deal of time with accounts on social networking sites in our formative teenage… Read More

Halfway There

74,880. That is (approximately) how many minutes I have been in Spain. For those of you who don’t feel like doing the math or don’t have a calculator handy, that amounts to 52 days.  And, having been here… Read More

How UD Transformed Me into a Spanish Enthusiast

Spanish: you know it exists, and you’ve most likely heard it at least once in your life.  You might even be able to rattle off some words.  Hola, taco, and ¡gooooolllll! may be part of your vocabulary.  But… Read More

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