CAP program structure

CAP: Program Structure


How does CAP work?

The Conditional Admissions Program (CAP) is comprehensive and very rigorous, and students must be very dedicated to their studies and participation in the program in order to be successful.

Although CAP is a challenging program, its design helps students to develop important knowledge, academic skills, and the ability to communicate in English at a professional level. The CAP experience was created not only to help students to complete its curriculum successfully, but also to become high achievers in their graduate program–and beyond!

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Levels & Curriculum

Levels and curriculum

How do CAP students advance through the program? Which courses do they take?

There are 7 levels in CAP, from “BASIC” to high advanced. In most cases, students are expected to complete 1 level in 2 months. When students arrive in Delaware, they take an English placement exam; this test will determine the student’s starting level at the ELI. CAP students are expected to complete the highest level of English for Academic Purposes courses at the ELI before they can matriculate (i.e., begin full-time university study).


Comprehensive university preparation for graduate school

International students need more than just English courses to prepare for university. They must also develop the interpersonal, team-building, and leadership skills that are expected of students who participate in American courses. In addition, to have a fulfilling university experience, it is important for international students to learn techniques to properly engage (i.e., become involved) in campus life and culture. Cohort is an innovative curriculum that helps students to achieve these goals.

Program duration

How long does it take to complete CAP?

The duration of CAP is different for each student. It depends on our students’ English skills when they first arrive at the ELI and their willingness to work hard–practicing English all day, every day and participating wholeheartedly in CAP activities.

Matriculation requirements

What must CAP students do in order to begin full-time graduate studies?

CAP students are required to meet requirements related to the advancement of their English communication skills, the development of their interpersonal, social, and leadership skills, and their ability to engage in campus life.

There are different matriculation requirements for students (depending on their field of study):

  • Students who will pursue graduate programs that are not related to business must meet the requirements of the General Track
  • Students who will pursue graduate programs that are related to business (e.g., MBA, International Business, Finance, etc.) must meet the requirements of the Business Track

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