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Founded in 1979, the University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI) offers the highest-quality intensive English programs for degree-seeking students, business and legal professionals, English language teachers, and general English language learners.

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Welcome message from the director

Dr. Scott Stevens, ELI Director

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the English Language Institute at the University of Delaware. On these web pages you can learn about our world-class intensive English program located on the lovely campus of the renowned University of Delaware. Students fall in love with the charming historic town of Newark, in the first and oldest state of the USA, Delaware.

We have tried to provide information that is both complete and accurate to help you decide if the challenging programs of the University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI) are right for you. The teaching of English is at the heart of everything we do at the ELI, but we understand that each client has special needs and have therefore developed many special programs to meet these needs.

  • If you are a student preparing for undergraduate or graduate studies in the U.S., we have a rigorous English for Academic Purposes program. We also offer conditional admission to the University for all undergraduate programs and for many graduate programs.
  • If you are a business employee or professional, we have a wide range of Business English courses as well as a corporate tutoring program.
  • If you are applying for an MBA degree, we have an excellent Pre-MBA program to help you meet your goal. The University of Delaware offers conditional admission to Pre-MBA students—as do several other cooperating universities.
  • If you are an English teacher, we offer the widely respected Delaware English as a Foreign Language Teacher Training Institute, known as “DEFT.” We also coordinate the University of Delaware graduate MA TESL program.
  • If you are a legal professional (judge, lawyer, or law student), you may find our American Law and Legal English Institute ideally suited for your needs for professional training or as a pre-law degree program.
  • If you are a sponsor or university representative, we offer a variety of outstanding specialized courses for groups.

As you read the material, we hope you will appreciate the high standards for excellence that our faculty and staff set for themselves and for our students. As you look at the pictures, we hope you will sense the warm and friendly atmosphere at the ELI. We want you to feel comfortable making our home your home for the duration of your stay.

At the University of Delaware English Language Institute, our commitment is to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to fulfill that promise with you.


Dr. Scott G. Stevens
Director, ELI
Coordinator, MA TESL Program


About the University of Delaware

The University of Delaware, which traces its history back to 1743, is a nationally and internationally recognized research institution of higher learning.

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Location: About Newark, Delaware

The University of Delaware is located in Newark, Delaware, a quiet, safe, and friendly college town of approximately 33,000 people.

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Information for agents

Are you a representative of an overseas agency and are interested in recruiting students for ELI programs? Please visit the ELI Agent Portal, our special website for agents.

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Information for sponsors

Are you a representative of an organization that sponsors students to pursue their language studies overseas? Please visit our special page for sponsors.

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Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

Click the link below to access answers to common questions that we often receive from potential students who are interested in the ELI.

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Are you interested in learning more about ELI programs, hearing student testimonials or finding out more about housing and other ELI services? Check out some of our videos!

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Conducting research at the ELI

The ELI encourages research that will enhance our understanding and pedagogy of second language acquisition. Learn more about our procedure for conducting research at the ELI.

Conducting research at the ELI >

Why choose the ELI?

Our Mission

Our mission

ELI mission statement

Through an unwavering commitment to excellence and renewal, the ELI faculty and staff endeavor each day to enhance our reputation as a leader among intensive English programs. Our leadership is based on a clear understanding of our goals and the means to achieve them.

As teachers, tutors, administrators and staff, we strive to:

  • Meet or exceed our students’ expectations for developing their linguistic, academic, and professional skills.
  • Contribute to international understanding by engaging students in meaningful inter-cultural exploration.
  • Provide our students with the support and services they require to make the transition from their own countries to life in the United States.
  • Meet the ordinary and extraordinary needs of our students, ensuring that their experience at ELI is productive and fulfilling.
  • Recruit only the most talented and experienced English language specialists and staff and promote their continued professional growth.
  • Assume personal responsibility for solving problems, value each other as highly as we do our clients, and support each other in our work.
  • Manage our resources, attaining financial viability without compromising the outstanding value of an ELI education.
  • Enrich the University of Delaware and the local community, fostering cross-cultural communication and interaction.

Adopted May 19, 1999

UD diversity statement

As prepared by the Diversity and Equity Commission and the President’s Diversity Initiative

The University of Delaware’s educational mission is to prepare students to live in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. To do so, we are committed to fostering a robust educational environment that supports critical thinking, free inquiry, and an understanding of diverse views and values. We see diversity as a core value and guiding principle for our educational mission and thus must work to make diversity an integral part of everyday life on campus. To this end, we take diversity to mean both the recognition and appreciation of the different backgrounds, values, and ideas of those who comprise our campus, as well as a commitment to ensuring that all people on our campus are treated according to principles of fairness, civility, dignity, and equity. We are committed to building an educational community that understands people from different backgrounds and economic circumstances, with different needs, and from diverse personal and philosophical beliefs. We want to make all people who are part of the University feel welcome and valued in campus life.

April 2012

UD non-discrimination statement

The University of Delaware does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status, disability, religion, age, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

 Learn more about the university’s non-discrimination statement >

Quality, faculty & resources

Quality, faculty and resources

ELI accreditation and standards

The University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI) Intensive English Program (IEP) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program (DEFT) are accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) for the period August 2016 through August 2026 and agrees to uphold the CEA standards for English Language Programs.

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Accredited by CEA


All ELI classroom instructors are members of the University’s faculty. They are native speakers or have native-like proficiency, hold Master’s degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language (MA-TESOL) or Applied Linguistics, and have extensive training and experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

Active in professional organizations such as TESOL and NAFSA, our outstanding faculty have enriched the field of ESL through their research, publications, and instructional innovation. They have authored textbooks that break new ground in the field.

In keeping with the personal tone set by our private tutoring center, our classroom faculty are also very caring and provide their students with a great deal of individualized attention.

Over the years, many government agencies and universities have turned to ELI faculty for training in better teaching methods.

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In ELI buildings you will find classrooms, faculty and administrative offices, our Self-Access Learning Center, and our Tutoring Center.

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ELI Tutoring Center

The ELI is one of the only Intensive English Programs in the United States to offer personal one-on-one tutoring with trained tutors in its regular “Full Program” at no extra charge.

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Self-Access Learning Center (SALC)

The Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) has many programs and other helpful items to help students learn English outside of the classroom.

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Programs, prices and dates

The ELI offers a variety of high-quality intensive English programs for degree-seeking students, business and legal professionals, English language teachers, and general English language learners.

How do I choose a program?

The ELI Admissions Team is here to help you to choose the right program for you! Please click below to see the ELI’s list of programs or to contact the ELI Admissions Team.

Want to learn more about us?

Check out this video to see an overview of our programs!

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