University of Delaware

The University of Delaware, which traces its history back to 1743, is a nationally and internationally recognized research institution of higher learning.

Student population. Approximately 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend the University of Delaware.

Colleges and programs. The University of Delaware has seven colleges that offer over 130 undergraduate programs and 158 graduate programs.

Undergraduate CAP programs. At the University of Delaware, all undergraduate programs accept CAP except for Nursing.

Graduate CAP programs. At the graduate level, the admissions process at the University of Delaware is decentralized. This means that admissions decisions are made by the individual department where your graduate program is located, and each program has its own specific requirements. At this time, the graduate programs listed below accept CAP at the University of Delaware.

Special Note: If your program is not listed below, please contact us at (click here to contact us).

  1. Accounting (MS)
  2. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (MS-BICB)
  3. Biological Sciences (M.S and Ph.D)
  4. Biotechnology Professional Science Master’s Degree (PSM)
  5. Business Administration (MBA)
  6. Chemistry & Biochemistry (MA, MS, PhD)
  7. Civil and Environmental Engineering (MCE)
  8. Computer and Information Sciences (MS)
  9. Economics (MA, MS)
  10. Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS, PhD)
  11. Finance (MS)
  12. Geography (MA, MS, PhD)
  13. Health Promotion (MS)
  14. Hospitality Information Management (MS)
  15. Information Systems and Technology Management (MS)
  16. International Business (MSIB)
  17. Linguistics (MA)
  18. Music (MM)
  19. Physics and Astronomy (MS)
  20. Public Administration (MPA)

This list is always growing! Please check this page frequently as more graduate programs choose to participate in CAP.

To learn more: Visit the University of Delaware website at

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