ELI Online: Engaging Students Remotely

This graphic features a head shot of ADS Instructor, Rachel Lapp. To Lapp's right is text that reads, "ELI Insights With ADS Instructor Rachel Lapp."."

By: Rachel Lapp, ADS Instructor The transition to online classrooms has not been easy for students and teachers. Social media is full of examples of student and teacher exhaustion from being online for meetings and classes, and also of embarrassing mishaps from being online in pajamas, falling asleep in class, … Continue reading

ELI Online: The Best of Both Online Worlds

This graphic features a head shot of Associate Professor, Nigel Caplan. To Caplan's left is text that reads, "ELI Insights With Dr. Nigel Caplan."

By: Nigel Caplan, Associate Professor When ELI moved to remote learning at short notice in March, our instinct, like that of many other universities and language programs, was to replicate as much of our classroom as possible on Zoom. This is called synchronized learning because the students and teachers are … Continue reading

Session 6 2020 | New Student Orientation Schedule

Welcome to the University of Delaware English Language Institute! We are excited for you to join us online! Session 6 2020 will be held online, and so will our new student orientation. Students must use a computer for orientation activities, and must download and install the Zoom conferencing application prior … Continue reading