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The ELI has a special Current Student Website that has all the information that you will need in order to manage your student life at the ELI.

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Virtual Activities

While most students are taking classes remotely, we have a series of virtual activities with a very few socially-distanced in-person events. Stay up to date on our Virtual Activities page.

Studying at the University of Delaware ELI is a once in a lifetime experience! To get the most out of your time here, we highly encourage our students to participate in many activities and to take advantage of the services at UD and the ELI.

We also very much welcome UD student involvement at the ELI!

Everyone can have an enriching and transformative experience–while improving their language skills!

About UD and the ELI

There are almost 24,000 students studying at the University of Delaware (UD), including both undergraduate and graduate students. At UD, we pride ourselves on establishing opportunities for student activity and engagement.

There are over 400 different Registered Student Organizations (clubs), for students to lead and participate in. There are a variety of events happening on campus every week throughout the year.

At the UD English Language Institute (ELI), we are known as a “little United Nations.” We teach about 430 students each session from 40+ countries around the world.

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, we aim to help international students become engaged on campus. We encourage our students to interact with American students, to not only help them improve their English language skills, but to also help them integrate into American culture while sharing their own cultures with the community.

Most students attend the ELI for academic, cultural, and professional development. Students at the ELI come at various levels of English proficiency, from basic beginners to high-advanced learners. Around 50% of our students are bound for American universities after they complete their English language studies with us.

What does all of this mean?

Well, it means that that there are many opportunities for UD and ELI students alike to become involved on campus and to meet each other while studying here – you too can become involved in cultural exchange and language learning experiences, and hopefully by doing so you will cultivate friendships that spread across the globe and last a lifetime!

How can I get involved?

Weekly trips, activities and events

The ELI hosts activities, cultural trips, and events for all ELI students throughout the session, things such as trips to New York City or Washington D.C., dance parties, Meet & Greet picnics, and more!

UD Registered Student Organizations

The University of Delaware offers a wide variety of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), which are clubs created and led by students about many different topics.

From the the 8-Bit Orchestra (a club about video game music as an art form) to Zumba Club, there are over 400 different RSOs to choose from!

As an ELI student, you cannot vote as a matriculated member, but you can participate in most activities and events with American students.

See the full list on the StUDent Central website

See list of some of the clubs that we recommend

American Host Partner Program

The American Host Partner Program creates the opportunity for international and American students to meet and share language and culture.

International students at the ELI can apply to be paired with an American Host Partner. Pairs meet up during the month and receive prizes for meeting up often.

Note: Students do not live with American hosts. For information about living with an American family, visit the Homestay page of our website.

Learn more about the American Host Partner Program

Intramural Sports

Sign up to play sports with friends from the ELI and UD students through the Intramurals program. Some of the sports offered in the program include:

  • soccer;
  • American football;
  • basketball;
  • and volleyball.

Contact Tim Kim for more information.

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group supports women of diverse cultural background transition to American culture. We share conversations about cultural identity and challenges faced in daily life.

The group provides a safe space to build cross cultural friendships and is open to both ELI and UD female students.

Learn more about the ELI Women’s Group

UD Events

The University of Delaware offers many free events on campus for students that you can attend.

Simply check the UD calendar of events to find out what is happening this week on campus!

See the UD calendar of events

Service Learning

Performing community service projects is a wonderful way to interact with Americans while improving helping the local community–and improving one’s English skills!

Note: This is currently only available for Cohort students.

Learn more about Service Learning

American Global Fellows

The Global Community is an off-campus, cross-cultural residential program located in the Waverly at Newark.

Within the each apartment in the Global Community, 1 American Global Fellow (AGF) lives with 3 international roommates. The AGF serves as a friend and mentor to their roommates.

Learn more about becoming an American Global Fellow

Cohort Mentor

As a part of our Cohort program, Cohort Mentors help students with learning beyond the classroom environment.

Cohort Mentors lead students through a series of progressively challenging academic, social, and service activities that increasingly immerse the students into all dimensions of university life.

For example, ELI cohort students and their American student mentor might join clubs, do community service, and discuss the content of interesting books together. They will develop close relationships that will become an important part of the students’ educational experience.

To apply to become a Cohort Mentor, contact Karen Asenavage, Associate Director of ELI, Director of Academic Programs.


Our tutors come from many different backgrounds. What they all have in common is a strong English ability, a commitment to helping their students, and an interest in sharing knowledge.

The student and tutor together make an instructional plan which might include:

  • assistance with class assignments;
  • work on individual problems with English;
  • questions about American culture;
  • conversation skills practice;
  • and more!

Note: you must have a bachelors degree to be eligible for this position.

If you are interested in applying to become a tutor at the ELI, please contact Ken Hyde, the Tutoring Center Coordinator.

ELI on Social Media

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Who can I contact?


ELI General
American Global Fellows (AGFs) Tim Kim
Assistant Director for Student Life
American Host Partner Program Tim Kim
Assistant Director for Student Life
Cohort Mentor Karen Asenavage
Associate Director of Academic Programs
Intramural Sports Sign-up Tim Kim
Assistant Director for Student Life
ELI Social Media Tabitha Groh
Communications Coordinator
Tutoring Center Ken Hyde
Tutoring Center Coordinator
Women’s Group Ruwida Ramadan

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