Health Insurance Requirements



Medical care in the USA is expensive, and the ELI’s medical insurance helps to pay for a part of students’ healthcare and medical expenses. The insurance cost will be included on your ELI session bill.

> All students are required to purchase the ELI’s health insurance plan.

Failure to have medical insurance in the US can lead to refusal of medical treatment and/or extremely high medical costs to be paid directly from patient to medical care provider. In other words, if you do not have medical insurance, you may not be able to see a medical person and could get extremely high bills that you must pay. This is why the ELI requires all students to have medical insurance.

Sponsored students: Students who have a scholarship from their government (with scholarships that include a health insurance plan) do not need to buy ELI insurance. If you are not sure if your government scholarship has a health insurance plan, contact

For students with families: Geoblue also provides medical coverage of spouses and dependents. Please email if you would like this coverage.

Special note: American insurance plans do NOT cover illnesses or medical needs you developed before coming here (eg: diabetes, pregnancy, emphysema). These are called “pre-existing conditions.”

Medical Tests and Forms

Students at the University of Delaware ELI are required to have certain immunizations and medical tests before coming to Delaware.

See Immunization Requirements and medical forms >

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