The Retreat Living Room

The Retreat

The ELI provides housing for all students who need it. Some housing choices include kitchens, but students can also buy meal plans and eat in University dining halls or food courts.

Click on the links below to find out more about housing choices and university dining facilities.

Housing information for CAP students

Students in the Conditional Admissions Program (CAP) have specific housing requirements that oblige them to live with Americans. Please see the information below in order to learn more.

Housing information for non-CAP students

There are several terrific housing options available for students who are not in the Conditional Admissions Program:

General Information

Choose the type of housing you want on the ELI application form. Some housing options may not be available every ELI session, so we recommend that you send your application to us as early as possible to increase your chances of getting the housing you chose. Housing assignment depends on the date the ELI receives your completed application and the number of students attending that session.

Dining Information

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