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Accreditation and Standards

The University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI) Intensive English Program (IEP) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program (DEFT) are accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) for the period August 2016 through August 2026 and agrees to uphold the CEA standards for English Language Programs.

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Faculty and Staff

All of our faculty, administrators and staff members strive to provide the best possible services and assistance for ELI students, from admissions and orientation to the financial office and more.

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In ELI buildings you will find classrooms, faculty and administrative offices, our state-of-the-art Self-Access Learning Center, and our Tutoring Center.

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Tutoring Center

The ELI is one of the only Intensive English Programs in the United States to offer personal one-on-one tutoring with trained tutors in its regular “Full Program” at no extra charge.

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ELI Administrators and Staff

The majority of administrators at the English Language Institute hold Master’s and/or PhD degrees in a variety of areas, from TESOL to Business Administration and more, while some of our administrators are currently getting their MBAs while working at the ELI. All have extensive experience working with international students, living overseas, and/or recruiting abroad.

All of our administrators and staff strive to provide the best possible services and assistance for ELI students, from admissions and orientation to the financial office and more.

While aiming to make students feel like they are at a “home away from home” in Newark, we are here to help students in any way that we can.

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ELI Faculty

All ELI classroom instructors are members of the University’s faculty. They are native speakers or have native-like proficiency, hold Master’s degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language (MA-TESL) or Applied Linguistics, and have extensive training and experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

Active in professional organizations such as TESOL and NAFSA, our outstanding faculty have enriched the field of ESL through their research, publications, and instructional innovation. They have authored textbooks that break new ground in the field. Over the years, many government agencies and universities have turned to ELI faculty for training in better teaching methods.

In keeping with the personal tone set by our private tutoring center, our classroom faculty are also very caring and provide their students with a great deal of individualized attention inside and outside of the classroom.

Most faculty also participate in other ways in the ELI community, from being program coordinators on top of teaching, to planning events and trips for students outside of classes. 

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