Financial Information



Make a payment

Pay your application fee, express mail fee, tuition, health insurance, etc. with a credit card using our secure online payment system.

Make a payment

Wire Transfer Instructions

Learn how to transfer funds from your bank to the ELI.

See wire transfer instructions

Program Prices

The prices for each program are listed in the program information.

See all ELI programs

Housing Prices

There are several housing options for ELI students.

Learn about housing options

Learn about housing prices

ELI Scholarships

The ELI provides scholarships to several students each session.

Learn more about ELI Scholarships

Sample Letters of Sponsorship

A letter of sponsorship is required with each application for all ELI programs, unless the applicant will pay for his/her own studies.

There are 2 types of sponsors, individual and organization.

See sample letters of sponsorship

Course Fee Waiver

Full-time UD faculty, professional and staff members, and visiting scholars who qualify for UD benefits (as well as their dependents) may use their Fee Waivers to participate in the Intensive English Program.

Note: Fee waivers may only be used for up to two sessions of the Intensive English Program.

Learn about the course fee waiver

Delaware Resident Qualifications

We offer significant discounts to Delaware residents for the Intensive English Program.

See the criteria for being considered a “Delaware Resident”

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