Dining Options

Dining Options



Current Students

The ELI has a special Current Student Website that has all the information that you will need in order to manage your student life at the ELI.

Go to the Current Student Website 

Need Help?

Some students choose to get a meal plan. There are two different options for meal plans:

In addition, all ELI housing options include access to kitchens, which enables students to prepare their own meals.

Meal plans for on campus

There are three on campus dining options for ELI students:

  • 50 “anytime” meals with $280 dining points
  • 25 “anytime” meals with $130 dining points
  • “Flex” account dollars

We recommend one of these options for students living in the INNternationale.

Meals with Dining Points

Prices (until May 2019):

  • 50 “anytime” meals with $280 dining points: $810.00
  • 25 “anytime” meals with $130 dining points: $423.00

Note: Any unused meals or dining points cannot be reimbursed to a student. These plans are only good for two sessions (approximately four months). If a plan is purchased half-way through one session, it will only be valid until the end of the following session.

You must purchase a Meal Plan at the ELI cashier’s window at 189 West Main Street.

For more information, go to the UD Dining meal plan pages, or visit the ELI cashier’s window.

Flex Account Dollars

A “Flex” account is a declining balance account. Flex can be used in all dining locations and in many other places on campus, such as the University Bookstore. Flex cannot be used as payment for ELI activities.

Advantages of Flex

  • Any unused Flex dollars can be reimbursed to the student after he/she has finished studying at the ELI.
  • There is no “expiration date” on Flex dollars.
  • Flex can be used as long as a student is enrolled in ELI or the University.

For more information, visit the Flex Account website.

You can go to the ELI Cashier’s window at 189 West Main Street to find out how to use Flex.

To learn about how the on campus meal plans work, please watch this video:

Off-Campus Meal Plan (OCMP)

This option allows you to use your meal plan card to purchase food from restaurants and cafes on Main Street and in the surrounding area in Newark.

This is a good option for students who live in a homestay or a local apartment.

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