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Thank you for considering a gift to the ELI scholarship fund or to support the WISE program!

When making a donation to the support the ELI, you can choose where your funds are directed. 

Thank you for making our students’ dreams come true!

Where to Give

ELI Scholarship Fund

Through the generosity of alumni and donors from around the world, the ELI is able to provide significant scholarships to students each year.

These scholarships assist high-performing students who need the financial assistance in order to complete their ELI program and achieve their goals.

WISE Program Support

Support a new start for female student evacuees in our Women’s Initiatives in Service and Education.

These brave and talented young women saw their studies disrupted first by the pandemic and, more recently, by upheavals in their home country.

The WISE program offers English language training along with cultural and academic preparation to allow the students to resume their education in the United States.

Read more about WISE on UDaily >

How to donate

The donation process is very easy!

Donate by cash or check

To donate by cash or check, contact the ELI Financial Office for instructions:

Instructions to donate by credit card are available below.

Donate by credit card

To make a donation by credit card, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit; this will take you to the University of Delaware’s main giving web page | Give now
  2. Enter the amount you would like to give (in U.S. dollars) in the box that says “I would like to give…”
  3. In the “To” list, you will see a variety of colleges and funds. Click Other.
    A search box will appear. Begin typing “English Language Institute” in the box.
    The box will prompt you by showing “English Language Institute” immediately beneath the box; click to select “English Language Institute.”
    This is very important, as it ensures that your donation will enter directly into the ELI’s scholarship fund.
    Then click Add Gift.
  4. A new page will appear with some payment frequency options:
    • One-time: Choose this option if you want to make this donation only once
    • Recurring: Choose this option if you want to make a donation more than once (e.g., if you want to give the same amount every month, or a few times per year, or every year)
    • Installments: Choose this option if you want to pay for donation in parts (e.g., if you want to give a total donation of $1,000, but you want to make 4 payments of $250).
  5. In the “Special Instructions” box, type that you are giving to the either the “ELI scholarship fund” or to the “WISE” or “Afghan women.”
    Click Continue
  6. A new page will open. Follow the prompts to enter your name and contact information and click Continue.
  7. A new page will open to confirm your address. If the address that is shown on the page is NOT your billing address, please un-check the box next to “My home address is also my billing address” and enter the billing address for your credit card.
    Then click Continue.
  8. A new page will open, allowing you to enter your credit card details.
    Enter them and then click Pay Now.

A new page will appear that says “Processing your gift.”

When the payment goes through successfully, a page will appear that says “Thank you!” and confirms your gift. You will also receive a confirmation message by email.


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