Housing Terms and Conditions



By living in ELI housing, students are automatically agreeing to the Housing Terms and Conditions.

This page contains information about the general requirements, as well as conditions that are specific to the student’s housing type.

Move-In Day

Move in day is typically the first day of ELI Orientation. Please make your travel plans with this in mind.

If you arrive early, it is very unlikely that you can move in early. We recommend that you do not arrive to Delaware earlier than 2 days before ELI Orientation.

Reservations, Fees and Payments

If the ELI makes a housing reservation for you, then you are responsible for paying the fees for that housing location. No exceptions. No refunds are possible.

Housing prices are subject to change without notice. We recommend that you view the housing prices on our website before coming to Delaware in order to be aware of any changes in price that may occur before you arrive.

Housing Requests

New students will receive the Housing reservation form (and Arrival form) about 1 month before the start of the next session, except for Session 1, where we send it out earlier.

Students in Academic Transitions (AT) are required to live in the Global Community or in a homestay with an American host. For Session 1, AT students will not have the option to request housing, and will be placed by the ELI. | Learn more about housing requirements for AT students

Continuing students can request a housing change through the Intention form.

Reservation Confirmations

Housing assignments are not official until the student receives written confirmation of accommodations from the ELI.

Housing Availability

Some housing types are not available for every session. We recommend that applicants submit their housing requests as early as possible to increase their chances of getting their preferred housing option.

For AT students: Please submit your housing request no earlier than one month before the start of the session.

For new students: Students who do not submit their Housing Reservation Form (with their plane ticket itinerary and their F-1 student visa) prior to arriving may not be able to move into housing on the first day of orientation.

Additional Terms and Conditions


By selecting this option:

  • I understand that the ELI will not make this reservation for me and that I must reserve my room at the INNternationale by visiting their website.

By selecting this option:

  • I understand that I must submit a homestay application to the Homestay Coordinator.
  • I understand that a registration fee of $250, payable to Stacey Leonard, will be charged after I submit my homestay application, and that the homestay registration fee is not refundable. All students must pay a registration fee. | See instructions for paying this fee
  • I understand that I am responsible for paying homestay fees directly to the homestay host on or before the due date for the session. | See list of the payment due dates
  • I understand that, if there are any problems with my homestay, I am responsible for notifying the Homestay Coordinator (eli-housing@udel.edu)
  • I understand that this housing assignment is not official until I receive written confirmation of my homestay accommodations from the ELI Homestay Team.
  • I understand that if I do not submit a homestay application and pay the registration fee before I arrive in Delaware, it is possible that I will not receive a homestay placement.
Global Community

By selecting this option:

  • I understand that a housing security deposit of $250 is required, and that I will be charged this deposit when I arrive.
  • I understand that this housing assignment is not official until I receive written confirmation of my accommodations from the ELI.
  • I understand that I am responsible for paying the housing fees if the ELI is able to reserve a housing space for me.
  • I understand that I am responsible to any fees that I accrue while living in the Global Community; such as, exceeding utility caps or the for fees that exceed the security deposit due to damages or cleaning charges.

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