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At the ELI, housing is considered one of the most important parts of the experience of students in Academic Transitions (AT).

This is because housing not only helps students to practice their English-language skills outside of the classroom, but it is also an amazing cultural experience!

All students in AT and in Pre-AT are required to live with Americans in one of the following housing options:

  • Residence halls (dormitories) on campus
  • Homestay (living with American hosts)
  • ELI Global Community

The housing type that is available to students depends on their level in the program and the time of year when they start their AT program. Please see below for more information.



AT students who do not live in ELI-approved housing may lose their conditional admission to university.

The housing program in AT requires students to live with Americans; this is a great way to practice English at home and to learn about American culture!

Learn more about AT housing options

Live on campus with Americans and with students from around the world!

Students who begin AT in the fall semester may have the option to live in a residence hall (dormitory) on campus. The type of housing available will depend on the building where the student will be assigned housing; however, most students can expect to share a room with 1-2 university students.

In Fall 2019, AT students live in one of the following residence halls:

To learn more about living on campus, please contact the ELI Housing Team at

Students in Caesar Rodney double room decorated in shades of blue

This popular housing option is a “living and learning community” for AT and Pre-AT students. This means that students who live in the Global Community do not just live in an apartment; they also participate in special programming that is important to their university experience.

In the Global Community, AT and/or Pre-AT students live with a specially-selected domestic student. These students become like a family, eating meals and doing activities together.

Students in the Global Community engage in campus life, joining student organizations, participating in social activities, and sharing their culture with others. The Global Community is a very special place!

Learn more about the Global Community

Live with American hosts!

Students in AT or Pre-AT may live in homestays with Americans. This is a wonderful way to learn about American culture and families, as students and their hosts can share meals and participate in activities and outings together.

Through these interactions, students and their hosts become like a family, truly caring for each other and building friendships that last a lifetime.

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