Homestay Payment/Cancellation Policy



By submitting an application for a homestay, you are indicating that you understand and agree to the homestay payment and cancellation policy.

Homestay Registration Fee

After reading the homestay policies and guidelines, if you decide to submit an application for homestay, you will pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee to the homestay program before your application will be processed.

Homestay Prices and Services

Choosing to live in a homestay is a commitment of a full session. The homestay session fees are paid directly to the homestay owner and are due in two payments.

See the homestay meal options and fees.

Payment of the session homestay fee covers the following:

  • transportation to and from campus seven days per week
  • your chosen meal plan
  • kitchen food storage space
  • access to cooking necessities (according to the homestay owner’s house rules)
  • internet access
  • a private, furnished bedroom with a bed, a place to store clothing, and a study table or desk
  • a shared bathroom
  • linens and towels
  • access to laundry facilities (according to the homestay owner’s house rules)

There are no additional fees for utilities, gas, or “special amenities” in the homestay.

If a homestay charges an extra fee other than those specified below, please report it to the homestay coordinators immediately at

Additional fees may only be charged for the following:

  • A homestay owner may ask a student to pay his or her admission to museum, show, or other special event. The owner must ask the student in advance if he or she would like to participate and alert the student to the price of the outing.
  • A homestay owner may charge $65 to pick up a student at Philadelphia International Airport and $50 to drop the student off at the airport.

Payment Due Dates

Payment for the full session is due on the day that the student moves into the home. On that day, the student will pay for the full session fee according to the meal plan that has been chosen.

Important decisions needed when making the second payment:

When the student makes the second payment, they must discuss their plans for the next session with the homestay owner. The student has 3 choices:

  1. The student may request to stay in the current homestay for another session;
  2. The student may transfer to another homestay (but must pay a fee of $100 to the ELI Homestay Team); or
  3. The student may leave the homestay program and find another form of housing, such as an apartment.

The student must notify the ELI Homestay Team of their decision by using the Homestay Intention and Evaluation Form, which is due during the fifth week of each session.

If a student decides to stay in their current homestay for the coming session, the first payment for the following session and the payment for the session break is due by the Saturday after ELI graduation (which is the Homestay Session End Date).

Session Break Information

A student who plans to travel for two or more consecutive nights during the session break does not have to pay the nightly homestay fees for those days, if they submit, in advance, a Session Break Travel form to the homestay owner no later than the Homestay Session End Date listed on this page.

Early Move-In or Late Move-In

Moving in early
A student who has moved into the home before the specified Homestay Session Start Date will pay a nightly price for the extra nights along with the first payment on their move-in day.

Early arrival to the homestay is subject to availability. If there is no homestay available for early move-in, we recommend that you stay in the Sleep Inn Hotel at 630 South College Avenue. Please contact the ELI Housing/Arrival Team at if you need help to make a reservation.

Moving in late
If the student moves into the homestay after the specified Homestay Session Start Date, then the homestay will deduct the number of nights at the nightly rate from the first half-session payment.

Security Deposit

On or before the student’s move-in day, they will also pay the homestay a refundable security deposit ($250 for a single person, $425 for married couples). There is more information about the security deposit below.

Early Move-Out

If a student chooses to move out of the homestay before the end of the session, that student will not receive a refund for the homestay session fee unless there is a valid reason.

The valid reasons are listed below:

  • The homestay owner is unable to continue housing.
  • The Homestay Coordinator agrees that the homestay owner has broken the terms of the housing agreement.
  • The Homestay Coordinator has determined that it is in the best interest of the student to be moved to another homestay.

If a student has declared (on the Homestay Intention and Evaluation Form) their intention to remain in the current homestay for the next session and then breaks that agreement by moving out of the home before the next session, they will not receive a refund of the security deposit.


Current ELI students are permitted to work with the Homestay Coordinator to preview and choose a homestay. Once chosen, the homestay may be reserved by paying the $250 security deposit directly to the homestay owner.

If the student cancels the reservation less than 14 days before the Homestay Session Start Date or does not show up to move in, they will not receive a refund.

A cancellation request must be made in writing to the homestay owner and sent to the homestay team at as well. The homestay owner will keep the security deposit as a cancellation fee.

Airport Transportation

Transportation to and from the airport by our homestay program drivers is also available.

To request transportation to or from the airport at any time during your stay, please fill out our Homestay Airport Transfer Form.

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