Service Learning

Looking for volunteers for your community service activities?

Many of our international students are eager to participate alongside Americans in community service activities, for such activities provide them with a unique exposure to American culture and values, as well as a rewarding language learning opportunity outside the classroom.

The ELI provides transportation to and from the activity, as well as faculty members to assist the students and answer questions. Following the event, these same faculty facilitate reflection and review with the students.

Some examples of community activities that ELI students have joined include:

  • White Clay Creek wetland planting
  • Visiting classrooms in the public schools
  • Planting beach grass
  • Christina River cleanup
  • Emmanuel Dining Room
  • Special Olympics
  • Delaware Food Bank (click here to watch our video)
  • Senior Center/Nursing Home visitations

If you are planning a community service activity in which our international students can make a contribution, or if you would like our international students to come to your school of group to talk about their culture and learn about what your organization does, please contact the ELI at, and be sure to include “Service Learning” in the subject line.

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