Service Learning




We believe in the value of exposing students to unique aspects of American culture and values, as well as providing a rewarding language learning opportunity outside of the classroom.

We offer service learning as a part of our Cohort program at the ELI.


Some examples of community activities that ELI Cohort students have joined in the past include:

  • White Clay Creek wetland planting
  • Visiting classrooms in the public schools
  • Planting beach grass
  • Christina River cleanup
  • Emmanuel Dining Room
  • Special Olympics
  • Delaware Food Bank
  • Senior Center/Nursing Home visitations

For Community Members

If you are a member of the Newark, Delaware or UD community and you have a service activity in which our international Cohort students can make a contribution, or if you would like our international students to come to your school of group to talk about their culture and learn about what your organization does, please contact our Academic Transitions and Graduate Conditional Admissions Advisor to speak with us about how we might be able to collaborate.

For students not in Cohort

For non-Cohort ELI students, you can search for service learning groups that organize volunteer activities on the UD Registered Student Organization (RSO) website, Student Central.

On Student Central, you can find a student organization related to a volunteer service project that you are most interested in, and attend their meetings and events. This is a great way to meet American students and get involved on campus!

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