UD Registered Student Organizations

At the University of Delaware, it is easy to get involved on campus with American students with over 400 student-led organizations and clubs on campus. As a student at the English Language Institute, you can go to events, activities, and meetings hosted by these organizations*!

Click here to view the Registered Student Organization (RSO) official website to browse all of the options!


Here are just some of the UD student organizations that might be of interest to you:

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is rooted in a fundamental commitment to the rights, dignity, and well-being of every person on Earth: Each semester, they choose several human rights topics to focus on and spread awareness of. In the club meetings, members learn about pertinent human rights abuses worldwide and in the U.S., and take action to end them through letter writing and awareness campaigns.

Asian Student Association

The mission of ASA is to encourage and support the diversity of the University by uniting all people who share the interest in learning, respecting, and comprehending Asian culture and the Asian American experience.

Bird’s Eye View

The Bird’s Eye View aims to promote international news and experiences, educate young adults about their global community, and encourage international awareness and opinions. We intend to use print and social media to educate college students about international news in context and in an engaging and understandable manner.

Food and Culinary Club

Are you a self proclaimed “foodie”? Looking to embark on a new culinary adventure? Feed your appetite for fun with FREE FOOD, exciting cooking events, and new friends!

Global Language & Culture Partnership Program

The Global Language and Culture Partnership Program strives to build a bridge for different languages and cultures. We provide an excellent opportunity for our members to broaden their view through making friends from all over the globe.


The hispanic/Latino community of the University of Delaware provides Hispanic/Latino awareness of campus issues within the University of Delaware community. They aim to create a comfortable environment for Hispanic/Latino students within the community. Their priority is to have a cultural exchange between all students of different backgrounds without exclusions based on race, creed, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, handicap status, or sexual orientation.

Muslim Student Organization

The UD MSA is committed to informing Muslims and non-Muslims about the traditional teachings of Islam through routine organized events and programming.

Nihongo Table

This is the Japanese Conversation and Culture Club, so this would be a great way to meet Americans who are learning Japanese! Every week, they do a variety of activities relating to Japanese culture and language to help their members learn and practice their Japanese. Throughout the semester they plan small movie nights and parties where they can watch Japanese movies together and enjoy Japanese cooking as well! They also go on day trips throughout the year together.


OPT4 is an organization dedicated to improving and broadening the lives of students at the University of Delaware by facilitating fun and enjoyable activities for students, not only as alternative activities, but in addition to the functions currently held on and around campus. They also aim to educate our students about responsible decision-making as well as to promote the other resources and events on campus.

Outing Club

The Outing Club at the University of Delaware is your home for any and all of your outdoor adventures. They run trips almost every weekend of the semester doing various activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, caving etc (to name a few). They are a unique club in that you can be as involved as you choose. Instead of having mandatory meetings and dues, students can come on whatever trips they choose.

Portuguese Brazilian Club

The Portuguese/Brazilian club is about fun cultural activities with an emphasis on food culture by going on trips to restaurants, learning how to make some Portuguese or Brazilian food and deserts. They are also planning on looking at Portuguese music, other cultural activities, and anything their members might be interested in doing. This is a great way to meet Americans who are interested in learning Portuguese and about Brazilian culture.

Zumba Club Ditch the workout- join the club! Zumba is a latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie burning, dance fitness party! The Zumba Club offers FREE ZUMBA classes 6 days a week plus jam packed “Zumbathons” available to ALL UD students! Add our club for times!

 Please note:
*ELI students cannot be “official” members of these organizations unless they are full-time matriculated UD students, which only means that ELI students cannot be officers and cannot vote during organization elections for officers. Organizations such as Sororities and Fraternities also require fees to be paid on top of the requirement of being a full-time student. Though ELI students cannot be official members or become officers until they are matriculated, all ELI students are welcome to attend the meetings, events, and activities organized by UD student organizations!

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