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Digital Media Destruction

In addition to paper records destruction, UARM offers destruction services for all standard forms of electronic, optical, and magnetic media, with exception of hard drives (please see below for hard drives). This service is available to all University faculty and staff, but it is to be used solely for the destruction of University resources (not for personal use). Destruction certification can be provided upon request. Electronic, optical, and magnetic media are destroyed completely and cannot be reused.

Cost for destruction of all media is not charged back to requesting units.

All electronic media must be removed from computer workstations or devices prior to delivery to the UARM. Hardware cannot and will not be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: Hard drives are not accepted for destruction by UARM. If you have hard drives to destroy, please refer to the Secure destruction of computer disks page.

Some aspects to keep in mind when using this service are as follows:

  • The media materials are disintegrated in their entirety. They cannot be reused.
  • Media should be delivered in person to the Archives. Advance notice of delivery should be given to any Archives staff member (x2750 or