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Access Services

We welcome both members of the University community and the general public to visit University Archives and Records Management (UARM) and utilize its collections and resources for their research and work.

Patrons visiting UARM to perform research on records available through its Archives Program will be accommodated within the public research room located at 002 Pearson Hall.

Photograph of the class of 1957 taking an aptitude test while wearing their beanies. Undated.

Photograph of the class of 1957 taking an aptitude test while wearing their beanies. Undated.

Please be mindful of the following information:

  • Please make an appointment to visit UARM for research by using our appointment form or by contacting our staff at 302-831-2750 or All effort will be made to accommodate walk-in patrons, but due to limited space and staff, only a limited number of patrons may be accommodated at any given time. Since the finding aids of the Archives Program are being revised and are not available online at this time, it is important to make an appointment and discuss your research prior to visiting. Furthermore, many collections are stored off-campus and require next-business day notice to be retrieved.
  • Food and drink are forbidden in the research room.
  • Archival material does not circulate. Resources available through the Archives Program cannot be loaned, removed, or checked out, but must be used within UARM facilities during its normal hours of operation.
  • Use pencils within the research room, as the use of ink pens and markers is not permitted.
  • Handle materials with care. Do not write on, trace over, fold, or prop them open. When taking notes, do not write directly on top of the materials.
  • Users must maintain materials in the order that they are provided to them. Patrons may work only with materials from one archival container at a time.
  • Reference requests received by email, telephone, or letter from those patrons unable to visit UARM are welcomed. However, due to limited staff time such requests must be of a reasonable length in nature. UARM staff cannot conduct extensive research for patrons who choose not to or are unable to visit in person.