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Ordering Records Boxes

Material sent to the Records Center for storage must be sent in Archive Boxes. Please do not use any other type of box. The Archive Boxes are designed specifically for long term storage, and are of a uniform size ensuring that they will stack and fit properly on the shelves.

Archive Boxes are ordered through UD Exchange. Click on the W.B. Mason link under Office/Misc Supplies. If you need more detailed instructions, please see below.

You must order from W.B. Mason through UD Exchange. If you attempt to search for Archive Boxes on the W. B. Mason website directly you may not find them. They are a UD specific item.

Please do not call or email the Records Center looking for Archive Boxes. We do not stock or sell them. All boxes must be ordered through W.B. Mason.

****As of September, 2023, W.B. Mason has a 4-6 business day lead time.  Please plan your orders accordingly.****

How To Order Boxes

  1. Type into your browser’s address (location) bar.
    UD Exchange URL.
  2. Click on the W.B. Mason link located in the Office/Misc Supplies section.
    W.B. Mason on UD Exchange.
  3. Use the search bar to search for item number FPC8003637.
    Search for W.B. Mason part number FPC8003637.
  4. Order as many boxes as needed. The price you see may not match this image because the price will change over time.
    Archive box ordering page.